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Should I tell him?

I've been faking orgasms with my fiance and i feel so bad. If i tell him he would feel less manly and I don't know what to do. He'd always get so close and then it just wouldn't come. It feels really really good but I just can't have one. I love him to death and I want him to know he is pleasing me without being such a drama queen. We've tried lots of things but once again I would get extremely close to it and it would never come. I tried to tell him but he wouldn't believe me. I guess my acting is top notch. He makes me feel so so good and he does every thing right and beyond that but I feel like it's just me. I am extremely attracted to him, and love everything about him. I don't want this to hurt him. Should I just wait till I have one or should I tell him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    just ask yourself this "what would you want him to do if he was n ur place? tell u the truth or just continue to lie. I know it is not easy for most men to hear things like that, but don't you think he will get hurt when he realises u have been lying to him. look it this way, either way, he will get hurt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Well this is one of those things that no matter how nicely you put it, it's going to be an issue in his mind. But you do have to understand where he's coming from, and clearly you do because you stated that in your question. could try to be a little subtle about it at first and maybe go to the sex shop and talk to the girls down there and see if they can help you find a "pick me up" for the next time you and your man roll in the sheets.

    I don't know I think maybe you two just need to experience some new things in the bedroom, and NO it doesn't have to be watching porn or anything like that. Look, all I am saying is don't knock stuff until you try take a trip w/o your man knowing down to the sex shop and ask the ladies there for some advice and see which products they recommend to get the heat turned up for your next sack session.

    .......Then, present it to your guy and voila!

    .......just tell him you got really turned on by this idea, and you wanted to surprise him and try this new stuff out :)

    Therefore eliminating you having to tell him that you're a faker...just see if those new products-outfits etc. work out for you.

    .........let us know how it goes.

  • 1 decade ago

    okay i wouldn't tell him cuz men get soooo mad about stuff like that you don't want to emasculate him. keep trying new things to get there get toys if you have to...

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