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Is this normal or unusual???

My friend Vanessa hasn't had her period in over 30 days from her last period. She took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out Negative that she was not pregnant nor did she show any signs of possible pregnancy. I am starting to wonder if this is normal or unusual for a girl to go more than 30 days without a period. When should she be concerned??? Is this normal? How long have you gone without getting your period?

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    I've went 3 months without mine before. There could be many things that caused this in your friend - stress is one factor...changes in habit is another, ....even changes in birth control. some people just have irregular periods. if she is sexually active, some std's can also cause this. if she is worried, it is best to see a doctor.

  • I would suggest another pregnancy test... just to make sure. If she was in fact pregnant it would probably have been too early to show up 2 weeks ago.

    But as for whether not having a period for 30 days is normal... it can be. Whilst the average is 28 days, some people have irregular cycles where their periods are totally unpredictable. They may get two periods on one month then not get one for 3 months. Other people may have longer but regular cycles. For example, they may have a very regular 40 day cycle (or more)

    If your friend is quite young it can be difficult for her to know what is normal for her. It is very common for younger teens to have irregular periods at first

    I was always sopt on 28 days but would be prepared to give myself 2 or 3 days past this before stressing (never happened though)

    Like I said, I think she should do another test and if it is negative wait another week or so. If she has other reasons to believe she may be pregnant (unprotected sex or pregnancy symptoms) then she should see a doctor for a blood test just to make sure

  • 1 decade ago

    I've gone 9 months on a couple of occasions and 7 months on an occasion or two. But that's just me, I have very irregular periods as you can tell. Just stopped taking my birth control pills; I'm going to see if I can't have a period all by myself this time.

    No, I wasn't pregnant at any of the times I've missed periods. Just in case anyone might think that.

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    1 decade ago

    do another home pregnancy test you dont have to have symptoms of pregnancy i am 7 weeks nearly 8 weeks pregnant and if i had not missed my period or done a test and found out i was pregnant i would not of realised i have no symptoms only being tired now

    Source(s): mum of 2 and 7 weeks preg
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  • 1 decade ago

    When i was TTC i had cycles ranging from 28-32 days. Which is totally normal. if she's worried she should take another test or talk to her doctor.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would definately see your gyno. There may be an underlying problem as to why she is not menstrating.

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