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hair extensions?

what are the hair extensions that when you part your hair you don`t see see your natural hair.

& are there extensions for curly hair or do i have to straighten my hair?

also, how much does it cost?

thanks =]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hair extensions are generally expensive but it depends on what types of extensions you are getting. Do you want human hair or synthetic hair?

    Human hair is higher quality hair and costs more money. It lasts longer but is very high maintenance like natural hair. There are various textures available. Human hair is best for someone who wants to wear extensions on a daily basis as a natural look.

    Synthetic hair is generally not expensive at all. It does not last a long time but the styles are low maintenance and is ideal for someone who only needs an occassional style or temporary style ultilizing extensions.

    You did not provide much information explaining what you mean by extensions that you dont see when you part your hair. The only types of extensions that look somewhat natural


    Lace-fronts: a wig that comes with a part and looks real

    BEYONCE, Mary J. Blige and Ciara wear lace-fronts/full lace

    Full-lace: a wig that comes with the ability to be parted in any direction--looks the most natural of all wigs but costs a lot.

    Weaves: this is hair laced unto a track can be made to blend

    Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and other stars wear weave

    Clip Weave: Pieces that are laced unto a track but are very small and generally look more natural because its less hair being put into your real hair. All your real hair can be out...

    Paris Hilton is coming out with her own line of clip weave.

    Jessica Simpson and her stylist advertise clip weave.

    Quick-Weave: this is a half-wig meaning top of ur hair shows

    Plenty of celebrities wear quick-weave just like high heels lol

    Inter-link: this is when your hair has a continual extension. This is probably the most expensive/uncommon type of extensions. It is very exclusive and rare to find public advertisement about it...

    There are extensions for curly hair, if you wanted a straight style you would have to straighten the hair of yours that is exposed.

    The cost varies some extensions are cheap and some are extremely costly. Anywhere from $20-$2,000 (or more)

    You would have to look up specifically the extensions you can achieve the look you want with a half-wig or clip-weave. Just look up your color and length preference

    Source(s): I am not currently wearing hair extensions but I used to buy quick-weave and wear my hair braided with extensions...
  • 7 years ago

    Many different techniques of hair extensions can achieve an extremely natural appearance, such as clip in, wefts, bonded, silk lace fronts, and so on.

    The most important things when getting hair extensions is 1. The quality of the hair and 2. The stylist putting them in and really both are crucial. Because you could pay hundreds on extensions, but if your stylist doesn't know how to install they could ruin the hair or completely waste your time and money. And also if the stylist is great, they can make so so hair look good. But usually these weavologists don't like working with cheap hair.

    Your first step should be finding the 3 top hair extensions stylists in your area and having a consultation with them.

    Many factors will go into which technique will be best for you based on the length and health of your natural hair, lifestyle, personal style, maintenance level, etc.

    Good luck!

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