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How Often Do You Think Racial Incidents Are Staged In This Country?

A firefighter who reported finding a knotted rope and a threatening note with a drawing of a noose in an East Baltimore station house last month had placed the items there himself, city officials said yesterday.

The man was suspended last week for performance-related issues and will likely face additional punishment, fire officials said. Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the Police Department and for Mayor Sheila Dixon, said the man admitted to the hoax and will not face criminal charges.

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This is a outrage. There are enough legitament racial problems in this country already. People like this make me absolutely sick. Remember the sudden appearances of nooses all over the country after the "Jena Six" case? How many of these were staged and how many of these were legit?

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    Maybe not staged,just used to further division. Some people may stage things to gain attention or money,the frequency is hard to determine. Do you think jackson or sharpton would be relevant if MLK wasn't assassinated? No. opportunists exists everywhere.

    added. For the post below. there was a white supremist leader calling for people to display nooses after jena. There have been more whites hung than blacks though.

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gotta take the stuff in context. The incident with the noose on the black professor's door at Columbia: quite obviously meant to be racist. Putting a noose somewhere out randomly like in the street: perhaps different.

    Sure, things are "staged." I'd say about 5% of the time. While, in the meantime, everyone in the U.S. ignores the *real* and either explicit or implicit racial hatred that occurs all over every day.

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    When it became a desire to be on TV then there are a lot of things staged. What I want to know is when did a noose become a racist thing? It seems to me that before electricity came along there were folks of all races being hung. I think the show of nooses after Jena was a way of saying, "Where's the thorn in Al's side now?"

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    Every day. It' all staged for the hype now a days. Everyone ignores the real racism, as that is boring, and only goes for the flashy, tabloid ones.

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    I'm sure that it happens. How often, who knows?

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