Are cockroaches harmful directly to you?

What do they do really? Do they bite? What do they eat?? And how do you get rid of them without using harsh chemical sprays and such?

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    No they are not harmful, I watched and entire segment on roaches once. It was very interesting, they love the coragated part's of cardboard boxe's, thats where they lay their eggs. so if you have any box's laying around, get rid of them. they really do not indicate that a person home is clean or dirty. the roach is not a dirty animal. but they do like to eat oily stuff. I use those sticky mouse traps, and I catch all kind's of spiders etc. even caught a small lizard before it ran thru my house. keep them by your front door, back door, in your pantry etc. you will be suprised, and you do not have to spray anything in your home, good luck!!!!!!

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    A 2005 US national study on factors that affect asthma in inner-city children shows that cockroach allergens appear to worsen asthma symptoms more than other known triggers. This study, funded by the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), is the first large-scale study to rank asthma triggers according to severity.

    Additionally, a 2005 research study, sponsored by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), shows a disparity in homeowner knowledge about this link. Only 10% of homeowners in the USA feel that cockroaches are a threat to their family's health.

    Once infested chemicls are the only way to get rid of them. Keeping your home clean and free from any type of food or debris(covers on garbage cans). Water leaks are also bring on this pest so stop all forms of leakage.

    They will not bite and normally stay away from humans unless their is a mager infestation.

    They eat just about anything and share a relationship to termites so they do eat wood.

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    Can Cockroaches Hurt You

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    Cockroaches are a threat to your health. You may not realize this, but cockroaches carry germs, bacteria, and are linked with allergies and asthma. They are potentially harmful to young children and those who have impaired immune systems. Recent research has associated cockroaches and allergies, including asthma, which can be life threatening. Medical reports indicate that up to 60% of asthmatics have allergic reactions to cockroaches, which are second only to house dust mites in an ability to trigger allergies.

    Calling a professional exterminator is usually the best course of action when dealing with a cockroach infestation. Depending on your family situation, you can sprinkle borac acid around perimeter of your home as well as along all the baseboards. Because careful of children and pets and read the instructions!

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    oh i hate cockroaches. i dont think they bite. if kitchen area, bathrooms are kept clean u can avoid them to a little extent.. try and close those small openings in the house where u think they can come from. Good luck

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    They don't bite, they are just creepy.

    They eat anything (crumbs, mold, any food on the floor).

    The best way to get rid of them is to keep your place clean and keep your doors and windows closed.

    You may have to use some chemicals at first.

    Good luck!

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    omg there a giant cockroach out on my lanaii too!!! my dad put him outside but he came back into my lanaii and he went upside down and like my mom flipped him back over and fell again hes still moving he been upside down for like 16 hours now. lol my dad soaks my house with roach spray weve never gotten a roach in my house but we just get wolf spiders, and flies.

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    don't know how to remove them but they cannot directly harm you. The problem with them is they love human food and are creepy as hell. Basically their only threat is germs and looks. Good luck on the removal, they are the best survivors in the world.

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    No, they just spread disease. I f you aren't in Nairobi or Techwood Homes, you should be fine. I would just throw down a ton of D-Con roachtraps and change them often.

    I would also buy a king snake and let him loose in the crib. You'll never see the snake again but you will never see a roach.

    I like snakes though. If you are in an old house, the snake is the only real answer.

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