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Can I train a lovebird if it was not handfed?

I can't find a handfed lovebird anywhere...I have been to 3 large stores (petco, petsmart) 4 locally owned stores, and 2 bird one has handfed ones.

My question is, is it possible to train a lovebird even when it is in an adult and not handfed?

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    To train a lovebird you will need patience and time.The first step in training lovebirds is to get the bird used to your hand. You must be very careful while you are doing this. The lovebird may get afraid when it sees your hand in its cage. It may bite you too. Don't lose your calm and for God's sake, don't yell at the cute bundle of feathers!and get closer and closer to it thin wen it is fine with you petting its belly push you finger to its belly going the way way the perch is so it can hop on if it will not get on push harder and thin it will get off balins and hop on. Train a lovebird well and your bird will perch on your finger in no time.Training lovebirds also involves not leaving the bird lonely in its cage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, you can, but, it will be more difficult. It will take a lot of trust, time, patience, and practice for both you and the bird. But, honestly, if I were you, I would keep looking, even if it means a few more weeks without a bird, because, you want the best bird that you can find, right? Check these places:

    Well, hopefully one of the links helps! Thanks, and good luck with your search!

    ~ Cockatiel Lover!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had two lovebirds, many years ago, and neither one was handfed. They were both, in time, very friendly, tame and loving pets. It just took patience and love.

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