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NASCAR awards show?

does anybody know what song they played during the slideshow of the 2007 nascar awards show? it was really good, sung by a guy, and the only lyrics i remember are "breathe it in, breathe it out" and then somewhere near the end of the chorus they sang "then let it go"..and thats all the lyrics i can recall. it was a medium tempo song.

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    It's called "Miracle of the Moment" By Steven Curtis Chapman.

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  • Amanda
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    I missed the cup banquet but watch the Busch banquet on Friday, they normally use the same set of songs each year for each of the banquets.

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    Think its called "A Little Bit of Life" ........last part is like "Just you and me doing all right...a little bit of Life" Hope that helps!

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    I doubt it. ESPN only ran them on the Classic channel (and repeated it at 12, midnight). If they weren't important enough the first time around to be aired on a regular channel, I doubt they will repeat it! And, I looked on the SPEED channel's schedule, and it is not listed. It goes for the next 5 weeks.

    So, unless they are played in January, no.

    Fortunately, you didn't miss anything. I DVRed it and fast forwarded through the majority of it!

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