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Break down team losses and wins to see who is best...Statistics please.?

College football.

REAL answers with REAL proof of who is the best.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ohio St has one loss against a ranked Illinois... and bounced back with a hard fought win over a resurgent and rival Michigan.... also had nice wins vs Wisconsin and Penn St..

    LSU- nice win v Va Tech early, nothing impressive during conference play unless you count the 2 losses to unranked foes at home... (the impressive part being it took 3ot both times.)

    Kansas- 1 loss to a highly ranked Mizzou.... shellacked Nebraska,

    Oklahoma- beat all their rivals,,, lost to Colorado and Texas Tech

    USC- resurging team,, but lost to Stanford at home.

    Hawaii- undefeated,, quality win v Boise St, and Washington... rest of schedule shaky..

    my top 3

    1. The Ohio State

    2. Kansas

    3. Hawaii

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  • 1 decade ago

    why, want change the outcome of who goes to the nc game, all we know the best is not, but we do know ohio will get cooked again by sec thats all that matters, the media will put who they want in it bc of now the 2 that are going, woof be a suky game

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