We may start dating again?

I am divorced. In that marriage we had two daughters: 22.5 months and 4 months old(we began to divorce before she was born). He cheated, I filed and now we are divorced. Recently he has moved to my town to be closer to his daughters and my niece I have custody over that he is close to.

Yesterday night we went for coffee to discuss custody and we ended up going to see a movie and then dinner. Then we went back to my house and we had a long talk.

He apologized about the afair and said that he still loved me. I know I still love him. He said that he hated ending our 6 year relationship(we dated for 4 and were married for 2). He said he couldn't just be my friend anymore.

So now we are dating again! We want to take it slow since the divorce was pretty rough. Any tips? Please no negative answers such as "Don't go out with him", because I am.

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    1 decade ago
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    Wow! That is a very moving story! For your family's sake I think it's great! I just wish it would have happened before you were divorced. But, it's never too late! I always feel like there's hope for married people who are on the verge of divorce AND even after the divorce. Especially if there's children involved. I am divorced but am VERY glad that there wasn't any dating or possibilities of getting back together. We did not have children together and he basically abandoned me. It's unfortunate that you ex-husband/new boyfriend cheated on you but I hope that you guys can get past that and he can prove future faithfulness to you. Good luck!

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  • 3 years ago

    of direction you're nonetheless marketable - you have not reached the tip of your shelf existence yet! whilst my expensive husband of merely approximately 2 many years died on the age of 40, i became into 38 years previous, with 2 youngster-agers - I felt like i became into an obese, middle-elderly housewife and that no-you would be interested in me. I spent a pair of years pulling myself at the same time and became into fortunate adequate to fulfill a guy who became into interested in me (geeze, who could have customary!) to cut back an exceptionally long tale short, I even have been thankfully married to a astounding guy for 11 years and characteristic my 2 little ones from my first marriage, who're now 30 & 27, 2 step-little ones who're 29 & 26, and we had one at the same time who's now 9 years previous. existence is astounding, I even have been blessed to have been married to 2 astounding husbands - some women are not getting ONE! My suggestion could be to be your self, take issues slowly, do not rush into yet another courting too immediately, there are various fish in the sea and you sound such as you have good bait! you do not could save the 1st one you "reel in", make an effort and characteristic exciting! good luck!

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