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What do you think Deputies arrest illegal immigrants during rally & why is ACLU helping illegals protest ?

Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies arrested eight illegal immigrants on Saturday during a protest outside a Phoenix furniture store embroiled in a heated immigration debate.

Immigration activists have gathered on Saturdays for the past six weeks outside Pruitt’s furniture store to challenge Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s enforcement of immigration laws. Saturday was the first time deputies made arrests during the rallies. The day laborers were arrested on suspicion of violating immigration laws.

Deputies had arrested 24 illegal immigrants in the area before Saturday, but those arrests were not made during protests.

“I thought it was time to do something more about it,” Arpaio said Saturday night. “The Pruitt’s situation is getting out of hand. They are demonstrating every week and destroying this business. I don’t think that’s fair.”

Demonstrators began protesting at the store near Thomas Road and 34th Street in late October, when the store hired sheriff’s deputies to keep day laborers away from the property.

The store asked the sheriff’s office to help because they felt the presence of day laborers was hurting their business.

More than 100 protesters have shown up for the rallies, including officials from the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona.

The union’s legal director, Daniel Pochoda, was arrested by deputies Nov. 5 after he was asked to attend a rally to observe the interaction between protesters and deputies.

It causes honest and decent Americans to work hard to take back what the indecent, dishonest, and treacherous office holders in Washington have ceded away without lifting a finger. But I salute the business owner and the sheriff for starting to take back this country, even it is just one furniture store parking lot at a time.

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    The porpose of the ACLU is to destroy america anyway they can, they want a world order, and they have liberal judges , and traitorous politicians helping them. We need new leadership to get rid of the ACLU before they destroy the american way of life. America need to wake up, they are going to have to hurt themselves to correct this garbage with illegal immigrants and trade policies. it is not going to be nice but it is over due and is coming.

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    He (sheriff) was on Glenn Beck and had poster the other group made up of him as a Nazis. He said it did not bother him as the more they tried to slam him the more work he go done.

    They had some clips of his jail and that last month he deported 2,100 criminals or which ans this is wild, the 2,100 had committed over 11,000 crimes of which 8,400 were felonies. If that were the now the 300,000 *(28%) in Federal prison could have comitted over 1.5 million crimes, then add the guesstament in state jails, such as his and you have another 300,000* or another 1.5 million crimes against America.

    The sheriff with his hands full also is Sheriff Flores in Laredo, he's missing over 60 people and many minorities. He gets no help and made the statement that when there is a the government does not come.

    It is sad that lawsuits like the one against the airlines taht paved the way for 911 are even allow. Someone last night mentioned that Bush slung a bunch of stuff on the wall and it would take a long time for the democrats to bring down.

    With the borders and with the 3 million visa jumpers from all ove* wonder we even have any law. It's time to clean up and stop crime and drugs. A possible invasion? Oh yea they are protecting your rights. Take care. Stop the amnesty flood the democrats started then sort it out until then forget it. By the time the election would have happened another 3-4 million will be here*

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    The ACLU fights the laws, not the law enforcers. Given the high number of state and towns establishing new, stricter laws, my guess is that the ACLU is probably spread pretty thin. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing - they'll need to choose their battles. We need to be able to have laws that put the interests of the citizens and our country first, not the other way around. We need more people like Arpaio... he's the kind of person that's not afraid to stand his ground. Good for him!

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    ACLU Applauds Repeal of Anti-Immigrant Ordinance in Riverside, N.J.

    The ACLU praised the Riverside, N.J., township council for voting to repeal an unlawful ordinance that would have punished landlords and employers for renting to or employing individuals it classified as "illegal" immigrants.

    > ACLU Applauds Repeal of Anti-Immigrant Ordinance in Riverside, N.J.

    The ACLU is off its rocker. Since when are illegal aliens immigrants? It is not unlawful to punish employers who hire illegals. The law is just not enforced. It is a law already.

    They make about as much sense as La Raza. PC at its best. It's all spin for their cause. Rights for law breakers. No rights for legitimate businesses. How is that championing human rights, the ACLU's motto.

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    Once again the illegals and their enablers are demanding that their wants and needs have priority over everyone else.

    What goes on in the minds of both the illegals and their enablers to be so brazen to rally in public and then protest their right to be here when if their status is illegal and could be deported

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    KEEP IT UP SHERIFF. It's sad to see that illegals seem to feel that they are entitled to do that! The business owner has every right to keep people off his property that he doesn't want there.

    I wish the ACLU would start working to protect AMERICAN'S rights instead of the non-rights of illegals.

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    You just have to love Sheriff Joe, don't you? He's an outstanding American and law officer. I hope they erect a statue of him! If there's a fund for that, let us know? I'd drop some money in that hat!

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    After the backlash last year in LA by illegals demanding rights and flying Mexican flags over upside down US flags, I thought they got the idea that we will start asking questions about status at these large rallies. Maybe they didn't get the memo in Arizona. Too bad. We don't need criminal revolutionaries distroying our culture and nation.

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    The ACLU is an anti America organization that is attempting to force the US into socialism along with the leftists who support them. The democrats desperately need the illegal alien vote in the next election. The ACLU aims to help them get it.

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    Great job Joe

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