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Ron PAul vs. Hillary?

Who would you vote for?

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    Ron Paul all the way to the White House!

    Ron Paul is Pro Life.

    Hillary is Pro Abortion

    Ron Paul is Against amnesty for Illegals.

    Hillary voted For Amnesty for illegals - the bill was defeated.

    Ron Paul is for a Secure Border and Against the NAU.

    Hillary is for Open Borders and the North American Union

    Ron Paul voted No on the Iraq War.

    Hillary voted Yes to go to war with Iraq and now keeps changing her mind - depends on what's most popular for the day.

    Ron Paul served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Airforce.

    Hillary does Not have military experience

    Ron Paul wants to reduce taxes and restore liberty through limited Constitutional government.

    Hillary wants to raise taxes to support her Socialist healthcare and education programs

    Ron Paul's political experience includes being a Congressman from 1976-77; 1979-85; 1997 - Present.

    Hillary's political experience includes being a Senator since 2000.

    Ron Paul's education includes receiving his Bachelor's from Gettyburg College in 1953, MD from Duke in 1961.

    Hillary's education includes BA Wellesley College, 1969; JD Yale University, 1973.

    Ron Paul's recognition: President Gerald Ford appointed Paul to be head of the Federal Maritime Commission.

    Hillary's recognition: married to Bill when he was US President and stood by his side through the impeachment trials.

    Ron Paul's contributions are coming from the U.S. citizens who love our nation and want to protect it.

    Hillary's contributions are coming from corporate America and the elite who want to continue avoiding taxes by using illegal migrants or sending jobs to other countries for cheap foreign labor.

    Ron Paul believes the so called free trade deals and world governmental organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC), NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and CAFTA are a threat to our independence as a nation. They transfer power from our government to unelected foreign elites.

    Hillary believes - well her husband signed the NAFTA agreement which is pushing for open borders and the NAU.

    Ron Paul on the issues:


    Hillary on the issues:


    She says one thing and votes the opposite.

    The choice is clear.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul

  • ryan c
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    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul

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    ...Ron Paul 4 me-is a possible vote...I like what he's saying and I'm tired of the B.S.from politicians like McCain and Romney...actually all the Republicans except Ron Paul.

    ...Hillary-I wouldn't say I will and will see in the end if I won't-right now I jus don't ever want to see a Bush or a Cheney again-

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    Ron Paul

    Hillary's policies scare me and I'm afraid that she'd sell off this country piece by piece to the Chinese

    Moreover, Paul's policies would be a return to common sense government. Watch he debates, he's the only one who thought to say that Washington hadn't changed him. The rest are just talking heads for the same interests.

  • Anonymous
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    I would vote for Hillary. I greatly respect Paul and admire his honesty and integrity. But politics is 'the art of the possible'. I think Paul is too idealistic. A president has to work with Congress to hammer out consensus and compromise, and I think Hillary could do this better. Paul would be at odds with Congress no matter which party was in control.

    Hillary is a compromise going in. She's far from my ideal candidate. She's sold out to special interests. But she'd be worried about her popularity and her legacy and would at least have some consideration for children, women, working people, etc. Paul would stick to his ideological standard and both parties would just abuse him.

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    If you'd vote for Hildabeast over Ron Paul then you are an idiot.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ron Paul will be out of the race in February, so of course that leaves Clinton vs The Republican Nominee.

    I will vote for Clinton.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Paul. I would vote for ANYBODY over Senator Clinton. Literally...ANYBODY.

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