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are external harddrives slow?

im looking into buying a $300 western digital 1TB external harddrive. now lets say i got like, world of warcraft on there. full installed. i wanna play it. will it be really slow, since its not laoding it off of a regular hard drive inside the computer? are some faster than others? what are the pros and cons when buy one? what should i look for. because all i really need is just a lot of room b/c all i have is 30gb left on my one and only internal WD hard drive. anyway, the only thing i could really think that would bother me would be if i was booting up warcraft or something and it was extrememly slow or something. if not, cool. thx guys.

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    it is obviously slower than the internal ones because it runs on a usb port and it is very slow compared to hdd cables in an internal drive. it is not advisable to play on the external drive it won't work!. you should buy another internal drives which is faster and cheaper than the external drives.

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    Well if you get an external hard drive with USB 2.0 connection and 7200 rpm the speed will be comparable to an internal hardrive.

    An average eide hard drive can read data at 300MBps where as usb 2.0 can transfer at 480 MBps. You have to take into consideration you system which most likely will not allow you to see that speeds actually reaching 480MBps, thats why I say they are about the same...give or take.

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    External drives would be slower, but the fastest external drives are certainly not USB based. eSATA connection (Instead of USB) is the fastest, then i think firewire800 is next or Gigabyte ethernet cable..

    eSATA external drives are new, so they might be too expensive but it doesn't hurt to look around..

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    well a connection with a fire wire would make the connection to your external faster. but games wont play from an external anyway, ( no system there). they need the hardware in your pc to work.

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    definite, you may deploy video games on it, regardless of the particular undeniable actuality that it will be a touch sluggish, and some thing put in on it is going to in basic terms paintings in ninety 9% of circumstances on the computer which put in it to he frustrating force. And a house community is giant for storage, regardless of the particular undeniable actuality that you may not somewhat deploy video games to community drives as they'll be very sluggish. i take advantage of a spare pc with an array of frustrating drives in it for storage of action pictures, song, and pastime downloads. basically no longer for setting up some thing, that somewhat should be on a community force.

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    They're usualy quite fast- as vista allows you to use external hard drives as ram etc. so you shouldnt have too much trouble loading up WoW. best thing to do is to find someone with it installed on their external drive

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    No they are not slow, but i would ideally go for a firewire version as usb is slower. Hope this helps.

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