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ok so i dont know what im think so please help?

ok so my mom has breast cancer and im only 13 so im kind aconfused not really but whatever but so now that she has cancer i cant do anything like rec basketball and i cant have any of my friends over so im pissed but im mad at my mom but i shouldnt cause she as breast cancer right. i think of that but i still get mad cause i cant do anything untill she gets better and so i dont know if i should be mad at her cause shes going through everything but i dont know so im kinda asking u guys to tell me if its ok that im mad at her or im selfesh and shouldnt be mad at her but i dont know so help m eout guys please cause i dont know what to do if its ok or not so please answer me please

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  • Nomadd
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    1 decade ago
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    It's hard to control what you feel sometimes, but you can control what you do.

    The reason you weren't left on a doorstep when you were born was because your mother had a duty to take care of you and raise you. It would have been nice if she didn't need the favor returned until she was 94, but life doesn't always care about what's convenient for you.

    Whatever you feel, your mother needs you to take care of her now. On top of everything she's going through, don't add worrying about you to her problems. She spent a lot of years dedicating her life to you. It's time to return some of that.

    You'll go through the rest of your life knowing that you chose between feeling sorry for yourself or taking care of the person who gave you everything she had for so many years.

    So, choose.

  • Don't be mad at her!

    She didnt ask for breast cancer. Maybe talk to her and try to figure out a way that you CAN do those things. Or, you can wait to do those things until AFTER this is all said and done. You're only 13 you have almost 5 years until your considered an adult and in those 5 years you can do almost any type of sport you want. But be there for your mom! she was always there for you when you were sick.

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