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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationOther - Games & Recreation · 1 decade ago

Rate my pokemon diamond team?

I have a

Arceus lvl 100 moves Jugement,Dragon pulse,psyhic,icebeam

Lucario lvl 100 moves,Aurasphere,darkpulse,dragonpulse,psyhic

Shiny Charizard lvl 51 moves,Flamethower,firefang,dragonrage,slash

Arceus natuer is modest and charizard to Lucario natuer is bold please tell i have to make any changes what other pokemon shoud i get

3 Answers

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    I think you should add a Roserade because you have no grass type moves and pokemon to protect Charazard from rock and water pokemon.

    You should also add a Rhyperior for times when theres a pokemon that has lots of defense or health.

    The last pokemon I think you should add is Electivier because its a really strong electric type.

    Plus keep on training Charazard.

  • 1 decade ago

    Add a grass type pokemon. It will help fight off water pokemon.

  • 1 decade ago

    level charizard up to match the others, then it's good...

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