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IS this a good story? please be patient and tell me!!!?

When I awoke, I was laying on a bed, tired, very tired, and wet. I opened my eyes, to find myself in a unfamiliar room: Blue curtains were drawn to reveal a haze of whitish-pink sky, the walls were turquiose, and posters bearing the legend "The Talkers" which was apparently a band group. The blanket that was covering me fell to the ground. I looked around, until a pain in my head caused me to fall back in bed. Then, the door opened to reveal a lady, in her twenties, to come in wearing a apron over a black-blue dress, and glasses lopsided as though they were to fall off any moment.

"Oh. You're awake." she said, timidly. "I'm Silena Josh,

I found you in a river, fallen, I think, and brought you here to rest." she explained. I nodded, showing I understood her. "Good. Come downstairs, and I'll give you breakfast." she said, and then she swept from the room. I looked at the room again, and, uneasily,came downstairs to join her for breakfast.


As I went down the spiraled steps, I saw pictures of Silena Josh, and another girl, with brown hair like Silena.

They were snuggled together, and there was, atleast, ten pictures of kids like the first one. Maybe, I thought, she had eleven kids, all rowdy, and I'm going to have to live here untill my parents are found.

"Ah, here you are. Have some eggs and bacon, won't you?" asked Silena.

I walked down the steps quickly and followed her to the table. She was accompanied by one girl, twelve, like me.

"I'm Eiana. Who are you?" asked the girl. "L-li-liana." I stuttered.

"Our names rhyme, don't they?

Eiana. Liana. Geddit?" she said, laughing.

"Eiana, you don't laugh at the poor girl. Do you understand me?" said

Silena, strictly.

"Yes." said Eiana, looking grim.

"Here you go, Lia, honey." said Silena, gently,passing me a plate of fried eggs and bacon.

"Than-thank y-you," I mumbled, starting to eat.

Update 2:

As I ate, I wondered whether if my parents would find me. For some reason, I remembered nothing about my mom and dad; who they were, what they looked like, surname, nothing at all.

"Hon," said Silena gently, "what are your parents last name?" I looked at her in a way that said "I don't know."

She must have realised that I knew nothing, because then she said, "You must have amnesia, dear, if you can't remember, can you?" I shook my head.

"Mom, thats so cool! I've wanted to meet someone with amnesia!"

"Eiana, that's not a fun thing to happen to anyone! Go to the missing

child webpage and find out who's her parents. No other sites, okay?" said Silena, very clearly and strictly.

"Yes," said Eiana. She left the room, motioned me to come, and went upstairs. We went into a room, messy, and went on a computer. "Here, use.......

this...aha..." she muttered, and w came on to a site where it said "LOST CHILDREN" in golden letters.

Update 3:

"Scroll through the pages, and tell me if you see yourself. Here's a mirror, incase you forgot what you look like...."

she said, picking up a laptop. "Ok..." I said. I looked at the mirror, and saw a girl with brown-gold hair. I looked through all the pages, but saw no one like myself.

Update 4:

"Did you find yourself?" asked Eiana, who was on her laptop.

"No....I didn't." My voice sounded far, far away from me...somewhere far.

"Guess you're not lost. Here, look at this: Mike Peachur, age 12, looking for a girlfriend! Maybe I should sign up!

But mom'll murder me...never mind.."

I was distracted, though....where are my parents, if I had parents? Where?

And how did I get lost? Questions, no answers. "Eiana? EIANA? Lia? Get down here, please!" shouted Silena from downstairs. We slowly left, and I got back to my senses when Silena asked, "Were you on it? Was there a pic. of you on the Lost Children site?"

"No, there wasn't." I replied.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I liked it, and I want to know what happens next. It seems really interesting.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like it alot and i am really interested in what will happen next but the only thing i dont like is how you so quickly jump into her going downstairs. Maybe you could have the girl have some kind of flash back after the women tells her she fell off a bridge like maybe she threw herself of the bridge or somthing.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like it. It wakens my interest on what happened previously and what will happen next.

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