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Anonymous asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

betta tank ideas?

Okay so what are some good tanks for no more than like 80 dollars? i want them to include almost all the stuff my little betta gillbert needs. its okay if the decor isnt included but thatd be cool if it was. my mom is getting me a new tank for christmas if i ind one cheap and nice enough for gilllbert so he can get out o f his half gallon tank.give me links or names if possible. thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My betta is now in a half gallon tank also. I asked my mom if I could get a 29 gallon for christmas. You can get Gillbert a 2.5 size tank. Their is also a divider that comes with it incase you want to add two bettas to the tank.

    I am sure you can get atleast a 20 gallon that includes rocks, fake or real plants, filter, air pump, and you can't forget the fish food (pellots, freeze dried foods). All together this might add up to around 80 dollars.

    Also, Make sure you add decor to the tank, Gillbert can easily hide in it when he is scared, thus reducing his chanses of getting a disease. I have two bettas both in their own seperate 1/2 gallon tanks. I feed them pellots.

    Here are some helpfull and usefull links...

    Good luck ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    I am glad you are considering a reasonable tank for your betta. You can get a 10 gallon for $29 including filter, and a heater for $10 more, plus $5 in rocks and a $5 cave plus a few plants, and he will be in heaven. A five gallon tank is also fine, the smallest I would go even for a betta since it is a living creature that doesn't deserve to suffer, but htey are usually about the same price as the 10 gallon I am telling you about. And then it's large enough wher eyou can also throw in a couple of corydoras or something that are also cute to watch and that bettas wont bother and vice versa. Good luck!! Remember, a suffering fish in a tiny aquarium is not enjoyable to watch, evne if you can't tell it's suffering since it can't talk.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are three small tank types that I know of that you can use:

    MiniBow 2.5 Starter Aquarium Kit (AEL-13989) for $31.99.

    Eclipse Corner 5 Aquarium Kit (AEL-18707) for $39.99.

    Eclipse Hex 5 (AEL-32160) for $39.99

    I would not use the 2.5 as advertised housing two male bettas (if you plan to get another one). The stress of them constantly flaring up will cause a betta to die. I would also recommend that you get a mystery snail as an algae eater for the tank since plecostomus can grow to lengths requiring a minimum 40 gallon tank.

    The two 5 gallon units would be great to use if you want a betta community tank. This way you can keep one male betta, three female bettas and a mystery snail.

    These products can be found at the link below. Click on the aquarium kits section of the website.

  • 1 decade ago

    I own four betta fish. I keep them in seperate, round tanks that are about the size of a soccer ball. I think you should get a smaller one, about half the size of mine, because bettas like to feel condenced. Bigger tanks scare them. Make sure that they have plenty of rocks at the bottom, and other things like marbles and shells. A plastic (or real) plant would be nice. They can swim through it, and it makes the tank look extremely pretty. I got my tanks for about fourteen dollars, so you should get one about that price. So to let you know, I dont think up-sizing a tank for your betta would be such a good idea. Good luck with Gilbert!

  • 1 decade ago

    This is a easy answer for you, go to walmart and get a 5 gallon tank for no more than 30 dollars. I have it. Its called the hexagon. I will be well suited for you. My fish love it. It does not come with plants but it comes with a filter. Its the best tank. Dont go to petco to get a tank or even petsmart. They over price their tanks so much at petco/petsmart. Go to walmart and get the hexagon. Good Luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i always keep bettas in a planted tank ( u can make it using live or plastric plants)

    they look best in that kind of tank also if u want ot breed them make sure u have a floating plants on top

    u cna make a small ( 10-20 ) gallon community tan kwith othrer fish

    like some small schooling tetras(neaons,cardinals,glowlights runnynose)

    harlequin rasboras,, cherry barbs

    remember dont keep ur betta with fast fish as they will nip the fins of ur betta

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