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homework help. plz fast ???

so im trying to find a story i have to write about 350 words but heres the story : well, this guy named Ramirez is accused of murder of a policeman and sends a letter regarding his excuse and says that he did do it (hes guilty) and that theyre not gonna be able to find him cause' hes out of town nways 20 yrs later hes back in town and the police would do anything to catch him and put him in jail so ::: basically i have to write a story about his arrestation (him being arested)so.. plz i need a story about how its gonna happen why did he come back in town and yea alot of details plzz ( when , where, what, ??)


you can add more people and stuff plz real answers ... ASAP...

Update 2:

omg i love you guys thx so much i have lotz of ideas... OMG thx (K)xoxox

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here are some ideas. Maybe he came back for his class reunion, family or friends funeral. I think since Ramirez is evil, you should have him come back maybe for a will or inheritance thingy cuz he's greedy too and wants money. Coincidentally or not, someone related to the dead policeman is there too and recognizes him. Or maybe he gets in a car accident because he's not used to driving in the snow(he left to Mexico or something), and as the policeman that writes up the ticket is the son of the dead policeman, or tow truck driver or ambulance driver, or paramedic, or nurse, etc. I hope this gives you some ideas. :) Good luck. :)

  • So Ramirez returns back to town under a false name because he got a phone call from a mysterious man saying he would tell the cops about what he knows unless Ramirez returns to town and runs an errand for him. Know one knows who this man is, but he wants a ton of cash from the bank, and he wants Ramirez to steal it. Ramirez has on a disguise, he is bald, a bit chubby, and claims to have his own family while he is actually using his sister as his child and saying he is widowed. Ramirez robs the bank and goes to the (pick place) to give the money. Now you can either make the cops get him there, or you can add on. To add on you can say that he leaves the money in a certain place and attends his "daughters" wedding. There he finds out the groom is a cop and at the wedding he gets caught. Hope I helped!

  • Eden*
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    1 decade ago

    well, what reason would he have to come back to town?

    Maybe he heard a relative or a friend was ill. Perhaps the friend that is ill has information about the murder. Maybe the friend WAS the murderer and for some reason Ramirez was protecting them? Perhaps he wants to confess before he dies.

    Maybe Ramirez himself is ill and needs to resolve this issue while he can?

    Maybe another policeman was the murderer and forced Ramirez to write the confession, in return he would let him escape the country, but Ramirez now wants to wipe the slate clean.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok Ramirez returns home becasue his sister is marrying and he feels oblidged to attend. He comes back under a false name of (enter name) and pretends to be the best man. Ramirez's sister swears the groom to secrecy but during the ceromony it turns out the police had a tip off from the groom and they arrest Ramirez, his sister is outraged and cancells her wedding as the groom betrayed her. Ramirez calls for a vendetta against His sisters groom and escapes the police shouting something threatening towards the groom.

    That may be bad but it's all i could come up with.

  • 5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    let ur imagination flow!

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