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THE ouɥo asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

Give a recap of each match. Also rate each match out of 100?

1. Kane v. Kurt Angle

2. Big Daddy V v. The Great Khali

3. Randy Orton and Undertaker v. Chris Jericho and Edge

4. 10-Man Battle Royal- Abyss v. Sting v. Black Reign v. Batista v. Rey Mysterio v. Mark Henry v. MVP v. Jeff Hardy v. Mr.Kennedy v. Umaga

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1) Angle wins with Ankle Lock (87)

    2) Khali with Vice Grip (1)

    3) Jerico and Edge with Spear and walls of jericho ( 99)

    4) Sting with stinger splash to M.V.P ( 88)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Kane v. Kurt Angle. Kurt wins with a roll-up. (80)

    2. Big Daddy V v. The Great Khali. Big Daddy V wins by miraculously picking Khali up then belly flopping him. (60)

    3. Randy Orton and Undertaker v. Chris Jericho and Edge. Edge pins Orton with a spear after Orton (as the legal man) turns on Undertaker and RKO's him. (95)

    4. 10-Man Battle Royal- Abyss v. Sting v. Black Reign v. Batista v. Rey Mysterio v. Mark Henry v. MVP v. Jeff Hardy v. Mr.Kennedy v. Umaga. Comes down to Kennedy left with Sting and Abyss. Both sting and Kennedy work together to throw out Abyss, then kennedy surprises Sting by throwing him out straight after. then starting a future Vs past feud. (93)

  • 1 decade ago

    1. It's over when angle hits the Angle slam and uses the ropes to get the fall (85)

    2. BDV unlike Khali can actually wrestle a bit but this would be almost painful to watch. (65)

    3. this would be good, taker would pin Y2J with the tombstone ( 89)

    4. kennedy would pull an william regal and fake an injury go under the bottom rope and wait until it was just sting left and run up behind and try to eliminate him but sting would side step him and throw him out (90)

  • 1. wins with the angle slam(90)

    2. BDV with the samoan drop(81)

    3. Edge with a spear to orton(95)

    4. Umaga via spiking people(85)


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  • 1 decade ago

    41% on the first match

    Kurt Angle wins

    Start of the match blows back and forth Kane over powers Kurt reverses kane move, sneaks to the back suplex

    Middle- Kurt Dominates

    End- Kane comes back chokeslam.......NO kurt angle reverse the choke slam and....ANKLE LOCK


    35% on the second match

    The Great Khali

    STart- Big Daddy V comes throwin blows and using all power Khali isnt phased by any of his hits

    Middle- Khali catches Big Daddy V hand throws him, big foot, does that hand smash on Big Daddy V head

    End- Picks up Big Daddy V camel cluth to head Big Daddy V unconsicous maatch ends

    90% on the third match

    Chris Jericho and Edge

    Start- Randy Orton and Chris Jericho in the ring as chris runs for orton, orton tags in the undertaker

    middle- chris jericho gettin destroyed can he make the tag......No as he gets close to edge, edge looks at undertaker and abandons his partner

    End of Match- Chris Jericho partner has left and Undertaker has been in most of the match Chris Jericho barely consicous Undertaker...Last Ride and Orton tags himself in goes for the pin Undertaker mad gets Orton gives him tombstone piledriver puts Chris Jericho over Orton gives him the win

    After match- edge come back from behind wait for undertaker to turn around tries to spear undertaker catches him by the throat....chokeslam kicks edge *** for a while tombstone then orton gets up RKO undertaker then Chris Jericho gets up do that new move he has and Jericho music plays

    4th Match 100(Nice match good thinking).......ull see the winner at the end

    Start- Abyss goes after Black Reign gets upperhand, Sting goes after MVP gets upperhand, Batista goes after Henry, henry gets upperhand, Rey goes afta Umaga, rey shouldnt have done dat lol, Jeff goes afta mr.kennedy gets upperhand

    Middle- Afta Umaga took down rey rey unconious , out of the picture, Umaga goes afta Sting MVP and him gang up on sting and take sting out of the picture, Black Reign is down and out also cuz he bumped in to Mark Henry which u dont wanna do lol, Batista spears mark henry, then goes afta MVP, beatin up on MVP Umaga Samoan spikes Batista throws him out of the ring to take him out of the picture, then MVP...turns on Umaga playmaker Umaga stunned but gets back up then again playmaker..umaga down so lets see whos left...Jeff Hardy Kennedy and MVP, and Hardy and Kennedy have ben gon back and forth the whole match

    End:Kennedy and MVP team up and take down Jeff Hardy, Hardy breaks out of the beat down takes um both down goes up for the whisper in the wind ooo. caught by Kennedy powerbowmb, MVP runs up.....PLAYMAKER goes the pin Kennedy some how kicks out but is still down do MVP flies onto the ropes, rey mysterio rey mysterio!!! outa no where 619, goes for the pin 1-2-3 its ova

    Rey Mysterio is the winner woooooooooooo!!!!

    lol thats the recap kinda long lol but im bored

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    kurt abgle makes kane tap - 60

    big daddy v demolites khali - 75

    orton,undertaker and edge lose to jericho b/c he used the walls of ericho and brang it bck - 98

    hardy - 78

  • Who
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    kane 56

    khali 37

    jericho and edge 78

    rey 79

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