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Ok, I want to be fantastic by next season?

I'm a freshman, and I joined cross country, there's not many girls on the team, so I ended up getting my letter and the 5th varsity slot by just being medeoker. (you know my PR was 23:59) So, I want to be amazing (well very improved) by next season, just I want to feel like I deserve varsity, and I want my PR next year to be around 20:40 or something like that. I have a lot of time to train.

So, that's where you people come in! =) How can I do it? Like how much should I be running each week? What excersises should I do? Thanks so much!

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  • Rosie
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    1 decade ago
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    well first of all, you still went to practice and ran the races and worked your butt off so dont feel that you didnt' deserve to letter or be on as a freshmen you are no where near your still have 3 more years!

    try to think back at what you did at your practices...the xc girls at my school sometimes do workouts for speed, sometimes they go slow but for may also want to try cross training such as swimming or bike riding...that will help you build endurance but reduce risk of injury, as im sure you know is very likely in disntance runners...also make sure you get enough iron in your diet so you dont become anemic (another common problem for distance runners) also if you have access to a weightroom and someone who can show you how to lift properly, that would be great...since you are distance i reccomend 3 sets of 25 repetitions at a small weight..........if you can find a friend to train with you thats even better!! it is much more motivating if you have someone with you...or share your goals with a parent or sibling and they can help you by asking about your progress and get on you if you slip in your training (we all do it sometime or other) good luck =]

  • 1 decade ago

    the first step is to get a base, you can do that by running more miles with less speed such as like you do a 7 to 10 mile run once a week. then you can work on speed the rest of the week by doing mile repeats, fartlets, or 1000meter repeats. dont skip more than one day a week for a workout, that will make you loose the fire of training. just keep in mind that this training will make you get better. for example after cc this year i started training every day like that and i dropped my PR from 17:51 to 17:19 in a month.

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