I know what it means to quit "cold turkey," but why is it called that? What's cold turkey have to do with it?


There must be some explanation, even if it is not logical.

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    The etymology derives from the phrase talk turkey, in which someone deals matter-of-factly with a subject. Some, however, believe the derivation is from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass and the state of a withdrawing addict — most notably, the cold sweats and goose bumps. It is often preceded by the verb "to go," as in "going cold turkey."

    Sudden withdrawal from drugs such as benzodiazepines and barbiturates can be extremely dangerous, leading to potentially fatal seizures. In long-time alcoholics, going cold turkey can cause life-threatening delirium tremens and thus is not an appropriate method for breaking an alcohol addiction.

    In the case of most other drugs and habits, going cold turkey may be unpleasant, but not life-threateningly dangerous. Terminating prescribed medication, however, may be dangerous.

    Source(s): www.wikipedia.org
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    same reason why they say it is raining cats and dogs....no cats and dogs are actually falling

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