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1 Math Help polynomial math algebra. How is this done?

Factor out the GCF of the following polynomial

(x+ 7) + 6a(x+ 7)

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    i'm not good with the whole vocabulary of math


    i think it is just



    i don't know if you can say the GCF is a variable + a number

    but you already have a 2nd variable and that's not cool either

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    The term (x+7) is common. Remember that the first term is actually 1(x+7). So, when you factor out the common term, this leaves you with (x+7)(6a+1).

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    i think you just need to take out the (x + 7)

    (x+ 7) + 6a(x+ 7) = (x + 7)(1 + 6a)

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    it could help in case you think of of two separate aspects. split the two facets, so which you get: 14t^3 + 21t^2 and 16t + 24 Divide the two side one after the different by using its easy ingredient: 7t^2 (2t + 3) and eight (2t + 3) be conscious how the two are the two aspects of 2t + 3? you are able to combine the two at the same time lower back... 7t^2 (2t + 3) + 8 (2t + 3) = (7t^2 + 8) (2t + 3) there is your factored polynomial. Now you will desire to incorporate what the variable won't manage to be equivalent to - consequently: t ? -3/2... desire that gets you on your way!

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    x + 7 + 6ax + 42a

    42a + 6ax + x + 7

    ???? idk i think its right

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