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Student working


1.can learn morn social experiencise.

2.To paying tuition by themself.

3.We can not only can study , but also can make money.

4.Increase working experiences dreveloping personal competemce.

5.Students can learn interperpinal relationship.


1.Can not concetrate on study or work.

2.working and studying at the same time. for example burn the midnight oil.

3.Students are often absent. because they are over time.

4.working may make student to triend to learn. leadly under pressure.

6.It is hard to look after both caneer and school work.


It is as education as diversification. School of continuing education increasingly

in a school. It can happy news to want to continu study society.


But it is work in a day and study in a night. It is very moil. It is to analyze School

of continuing education excellence and defect



That support point reason. The first of these is learn morn social experience.

The second ofthese is to pay tuition by themself. Because to pay tuition by themself.

So will hard study.



It is against point reason. Sometime must over time do't to schol in class. It is time

off to school or company. I will time off to company. Because school is important.


In conclusion, a School of continuing education student is good also bad. It see

personal's choose.

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    (your notes above contain alot of errors, but i guess its not what ur concerned about for the time being...)


    As our education becomes more diversified*, the number of night schools have been on an increase, which is a gospel to people in this society who would like to continue with their studies.


    But working at daytime and studying at night is a very challenging lifestyle. I would like to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages for students studying at night schools.



    The advantages are as follows. Students would be able to acquire more social experiences as well as paying the tuition by themselves. Because they will have to study at their own expenses, they will study harder.



    The disadvantages are as follows. There might be a time at which students must both work overtime and study for exams . Students would be in a dilemma in deciding which one should have the priority. If I were to choose, I would definitely take a day off at work. Because education is more important.


    In conclusion, there are many advantages and disadvantages as to whether a student should opt for studing at a night school. It is really up to the students themselves to decide whether or not it's their best option.

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