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ps. OO、OX、XX因為是人名,所以我就不想透露了。







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    I am really thankful for your message, I was very suprised about it. I know you do care about us from your heart, not because you are OO's mother. At first, I was really surprised about your message, but I was so touched by your words. The way you encouraged me is just like my family who wish I will be successful one day. You are really nice to me as a kind mother. I really treasure and appreciate your love and caring.

    I do love music very much, it is my life and also my dream. I understand about the reality and also know it is very difficult to keep on, but I will insist to go for my dream, even being poor would never beat me. I think goals and dreams are worth our every effort to achieve, are they?

    We will always support OX and look forwrad to the day when they com back to Taiwan, I think it won't be too long. I also appreciate that OX really care about us, and work hard for their goals. Thus I do believe that more and more people would come and support them on the day they are back...

    XX is an excellent singer, and her voice is the most beautiful one. When I first heard her singing, I was so attracted by her magic on stage. Her voice is so special and sometimes it can release people. I especially like XXXX, its tone is really impressive although I cannot really understand the meaning of lyric. I think she will have a lot of fans here!

    With Love!

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    Thank you for your message. It really affects and surprising me, and I know that this affect is from your loyal not because you are OO's mother. At first, I was very surprised by receiving your message, but after I read the content, it affected me so much! You encourage me just like my mother does, and expect the day that I'm successful. You are very nice and a good mother. Everything of these is precious, and I will treasure your concern and kindness!!

    I do love music very much, music is my life. Even though I experience that it's hard in the present and will be more difficult in the future, but I'll try my best to keep learning music. Even if I won’t make it happen!! Because dreaming will keep you going and work harder!!

    We all support ox very much, and we'll look forward to the day when they come back to Taiwan again. We are sure that will happen soon enough. And we’d like to thank ox for caring for everyone so much. They are doing such a great job all the time. When they come to Taiwan, I believe that lots of people will support them because they are so thorough and working so hard.

    XX is a great singer, and she has a great voice. I was attracted by her specialty voice when I first heard her songs. Her songs are pleasing and make people feel relaxed. I especially like xxxx. It makes me feel really great, though I can't understand what the lyrics mean. I’m certain that people here will be happy for her visit!!



    由於中西文化的差異, 有些沒辦法直翻, 會有稍微修改


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    Really extremely thank you the information, lets me very be really

    affected and the accident, but this move is comes from to yours care,

    you are the OO mother by no means. At first my unusual being

    astonished, unexpectedly can receive your information, after but

    looked at the content, extremely is really moved! You are similar to

    my mother like that to encourage me, anticipated I succeed that day.

    You extremely are really good, also is the good mother. All these

    extremely are really commendable! I can diligently treasure this care

    and the move!

    I really extremely affection music, it is my life and the dream,

    although future path rugged, also feels the reality the difficulty,

    but I still can diligently persist, calculated can be destitute for a

    lifetime, also no relations! Because vainly hoped for wants to be

    unceasing diligently and persists!

    Our everybody can extremely support OX, anticipated they come Taiw-


    again that one day, but we also deeply believed that day is drawing

    near, also extremely thanks OX like this care everybody, unceasing

    endeavor. But when they come Taiwan again that day, I believed

    certainly can have extremely many extremely many people to support

    them, because they are such are earnest and diligently.

    XX is the extremely good singer, she has the very good sound, when I

    first time listen she sings, by hers special characteristic is

    attracted. The song obeys reluctantly unusual comfortable, one kind

    relaxes the feeling for the person, I especially like XXXX this first

    song, although cannot completely understand the lyrics meaning, but

    the music gives person's feeling very to be really good! I deeply

    believed can unusual welcome her in here people!

    Many Many love! !


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