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阿水 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

好奇怪 這很容易的說法 要怎麼用英文表達給外國人聽懂




我讀了W的作品之後,覺得是一個觀察細膩的詩人,他描寫了貧窮的家庭為了經濟因素而賣掉小孩,而這些被賣掉的小孩就寄人籬下,幫人做粗工過活,辛苦生活在這個現實的社會。我深深感覺到W是一個心地無私的人,讀了W的詩之後,我才知道原來Revolution在美國展開時,為美國帶來光榮和財富,被認為是一個黃金時代,但是在幾年繁榮之後,隨之而來的問題有:恐慌與不景氣:失業的人們排隊領救助品,或是沿街乞討,政府沒有採取行動來幫助失業者,人們過著貧窮的日子。原來美國曾經歷過 Revolution的摧殘。W的詩中,常常描述到有關孩子生活問題的反省, 當時美國有許多社會問題的浮現。

十九世紀初工業革命給全人類帶來福利,但美國工人被剝削, 大人都出城工作,貧窮的孩子們留在鄉下地方辛苦生存著。我覺得這個世界上,有含著金湯匙,衣食無虞,備受父母滿滿的愛包圍的小孩,卻也有一出生就被父母拋棄,必須嚐盡人情冷暖,辛苦長大的小孩。我對於其中有一句話感想特別深刻,只要守規矩和辛勤工作,就能進到天堂,但我覺得God的愛應該不是用條件去換的,God的愛是無私的不求條件回報的,因為不管富人窮人,出身尊貴還是出身貧窮,每個人生存的價值都是一樣的 生命不管高下、貴賤原本就是無罪,不能因為一個人出身低下社會階層,或來自貧窮家庭,就否定一個人活在世界上的價值,每一個人都應該被尊重。這件事情讓我想到在我們的生活週遭,常看到許多慈善團體,這些慈善機構都應該以愛心為出發點,關懷弱勢族群和貧窮的學童。我覺得在讀完這首詩後,我更能體會W所描述的 因為愛心與善良是不能用條件交換來衡量的,我們如果以一顆溫柔的心善待別人、體會這個世界上的每一件事情,並且排除階級的隔閡 對人不要有階級和種族的分別 生命會更有意義。W真實寫出貧窮家庭悲苦的生活,但這些貧窮孩子們並不氣餒、不低頭,勇敢努力的生存精神。

另外 我很有感觸的就是種族膚色的問題 我每次看到生活在台灣的黑人,很少會跟台灣人一起生活或一起吃飯一起說笑,而台灣學生也不愛跟黑人打交道,但是假設是白人,情況就很不一樣,我們很喜歡和白人做朋友,學校的教授,公司的高層主管,都是白人 我想無論白人黑人或是黃皮膚,都不應該歧視任何人,皮膚的顏色只是「差異」的觀點,我希望這種「差異」不是歧視 。 我有時候在路上,看到東南亞外籍新娘的小朋友被他們的父母牽著走路,都覺得好可愛。我相信上帝的愛並沒有獨厚任何人,上帝的愛是公平的大愛,不論膚色,種族,或性別,上帝都是一是同仁,膚色的差異是來自我們心中 。

每次看到黑人,我都想起膚色這個問題,尤其是《黑皮膚白靈魂》的描述,我覺得在黑色皮膚之下 不只是渴望有白人的一切 還包括生活殖民地問題、母語、文化、國族、認同。



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    我目的是用英文表達給外國人聽懂, 不是直接翻譯. 希望有幫助.

    From W's poems(詩)/books(書)/works(作品), I realised that although the American Revolution brought riches and glory and is widely thought of as the Golden Age, it was in fact also accompanied by debt and poverty. Overpopulation in the cities led to widespread unemployment but the government did not take any steps to help its citizens and a lot of social problems ensued.

    During the Industrial Revolution, American workers were exploited. Those able to work flocked to the cities to find work, leaving children and the elderly in rural areas in hardship. W's poems describe poor families having to sell their children into a life of cheap labor and the commendable courage and spirit of these disadvantaged individuals to work towards a better life for themselves. I believe that the value of man's exsitence is the same whether you are wealthy or poor, and that everyone deserves respect. God's love is unconditional and if you are a good person and work hard in life, you will go to heaven.

    It is the same for ethinicity and skin colour. I have observed that black people living in Taiwan rarely integrate well into its society, and even Taiwanese students who go abroad do not like mixing with black people. But the situation is the opposite with Caucasians. The Taiwanese like to make friends with them; professors, company managers are more likely to be white.

    2007-12-03 19:23:44 補充:

    I think that whatever your own skin colour, you should not discriminate against a person who is different from you. Whether skin colour makes someone different depends on your point of view - but it should never be a classification of whether someone should be treated or deserve better.

    2007-12-03 19:24:02 補充:

    Every time I see a black person, I am reminded of the description of 《黑皮膚白靈魂》, and that under the colour of the black skin, the aspiration to not only have what the white man has, but also the acceptance and approval of the black man's language and culture.

    2007-12-03 19:24:07 補充:

    I believe that God did not intend for us to treat races differently. God love is equal for us all, regardless of sex, race, colour or social status. If we treat others with a gentle heart and eliminate discrimination from our actions, the world will be a better place.

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    I have read the works of W, that is a delicate observation of the poet, who described poor families to sell their children and economic factors, and these children were sold on寄人篱下, help people to do粗工living, hard living in this reality society. I deeply feel that W is a careful and impartial, W poetry reading, I only know that when the Revolution started in the United States, to bring glory and wealth of the United States, was considered a golden age, but after a few years prosperity, the attendant problems are: panic and depression: unemployed people queuing receive relief goods, or street beggars, the government has failed to take action to help the unemployed, people living a life of poverty. The original United States have experienced the devastation Revolution. W poems, often described to the children reflect on life issues that the United States has many social problems emerge.

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