What will your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION be? ==========?

I know it may be a little early. But what is your New Year's Resolution going to be?

Mine is to not forget my New Year's Resolution. LOL. Just kidding.

Mine is going to be this:

Don't put up with ANYTHING that I know I don't deserve.

This year, I lost a long-term boyfriend and the only 2 friends I really hung out with this year because they all made me put up with too much crap. I gave them a lot of chances. I was too nice. But I finally took a stand and REFUSED to be a doormat. So I dropped them. I've never felt so incredibly happy and strong before. And for that, I'm proud. Let's make 2008 a better year!!!! =)



Hey Sweet Poison, guess what? My 2 ex-friends are guys too... go figure.

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    1 decade ago
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    I will never be a fool for love!

    like your situation

    i gave my ex bf a lot of chance.

    i was too nice at him even if he broke my trust and his promises still i gave him chances..

    geez... guys are so gRRRrr.....


  • 1 decade ago

    to get my divorce final so that i can get on to having the life i truly deserve to have.

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