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How was Pig Latin started?

How was Pig Latin or Igpay Atinlay started? I speak it but I don't know if its just kids who used it.

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    Pig Latin is an English language game, where the first syllable of an English word is placed at the end and an ay is affixed (Ex.: "Banana" would therefore translate to Anana-bay), to both obfuscate the encoding and to indicate for the intended recipient the encoding as 'Pig Latin'. The reference to the Latin is a deliberate misnomer, used only for its English connotations as a 'strange and foreign-sounding language'. It is spoken by very small groups of people and is not widely understood.

    In Britain this term more often applies to the type of backslang used by the criminals of 19th century London and used as a playground game today, which was based on turning words backwards), or Butcher's Backslang which was common in English butchers' shops at least until World War II[1]. Prior to this, Benjamin Franklin was known to use a version of Pig Latin in some publications. Pig Latin is usually used by children for amusement or to converse in (perceived) privacy from adults or other children. Conversely, adults sometimes use it to discuss sensitive topics they do not want very young children to overhear. A few Pig Latin words — ixnay (nix) and amscray (scram) — have been incorporated into English slang.

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    Ia ama ixtysa earsa olda anda illsta usea ita.

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