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Math help?

We're on quadratic functions:

A fat clown is shot out of a right cylindrical-shaped hole in the ground 128 ft below the circus floor. He reaches his max height of 16 ft above the floor 3 seconds later. Assume that the cannon and hole are on the Y-axis and that the clown clears the hole and lands safely on the circus

Give the equation for the quadratic formula in standard form that expresses the height, y, in feet above the circus floor as a function of time, x, in seconds.

What I've got so far is -16t^2 + 48t - 128. I can't for the life of me set it in standard form. It won't factor.

Help is greatly appreciated.


(Thanks for the compliment, Brandon.)

time is t, or x, it doesn't matter.

And the point is not to cancel out the variables, it's to factor the stupid thing into standard form.

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    To convert this to standard form [ y= a(x-h)^2+k] we first set our equation to 0.

    -16t^2 + 48t - 128 = 0

    Then we multiply by -1 to make our a term positive.

    16t^2 - 48t +128=0

    Then we "complete the square" on one side.

    To do this, we write down ax^2+b first.

    16t^2 - 48t

    Then we push our c term out the way.

    (16t^2 - 48t+ ____ ) +128 = 0

    Now we factor out 16 from the part in parenthesis.

    **In order to complete the square, the a term has to be 1.

    16(t^2 - 3t +_____) + 128 = 0

    Now we divide our b term by 2. Then square the result.

    -3/2= -3/2

    -3/2^2= 9/4

    Next we add 9/4 as the c term in parenthesis.

    16(t^2 - 3t + 9/4 ) + 128 = 0

    Now at the same time, we have to subtract 9/4 x 16 (36) from 128.

    16(t^2 - 3t + 9/4) + 128 - 36 = 0

    Now we factor and simplify.

    16(t - 3/2)^2 + 92 = 0

    Next we remove the 0 and set the equation equal to y.

    y = 16(t - 3/2)^2 + 92

    This is your answer in standard form.

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    Is it

    y = - 4(4X+6)^2 -448

    t should be x for time.

    I am not sure if it's right.

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    Sorry!I would answer, but I dont do that stuf yet.Im only 11 years old in the fith grade!Just let your paper sit for a wile,come back to it later and you might get answers in your head.You look realy smart,I know you can do it!!You should have faith in your self!!

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    wow, i dont know. you are a smart girl evedentally. maybe you could go to a math site that can help. or a local tutor. you can even go to your teacher and ask for help.

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    the equation does not make sence..there are no variables to cancel out

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    idk sorry thats a really complicated problem lol

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