Where's the best area in Tenerife for a young person (20s) to stay on holiday?

Great nightlife, cheaper drinks etc.

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    Don’t go to Costa Adeje in the South, as although there are the best hotels in this area there is nowhere to go outside the hotels.

    I even stayed once in the most luxurious hotel of all Canary Islands there, the Hotel Gran Bahia del Duque. (For work purposes... I didn´t pay the bill... gosh...) Outside the hotel we tried to find a place where to have dinner (as we wanted to eat outside the hotel) and it was almost impossible. There is a shopping centre with shops and everything is closed by 22.00 h... Spanish people start to have dinner by that time!

    Finally we had to take the car to go to somewhere and it was also odd... 2 restaurants (very expensive & horrible!!!) and a supermarket... that’s the night life there... it´s wonderful for these people who like to stay at the hotel and relax and go to the beach and have some day excursions... but as a young person you will get bored!!

    I liked the area of Puerto de la Cruz, as there you have as well as tourist stuff all these nice places local people go to have a couple of drinks or some nice food and it´s not expensive. You have bars, restaurants, discotheques and it´s great and you have a fantastic beach there as well.

    There are lots of young people in this area, tourists as well as locals.

    I work in tourism in Spain and know the Canary Islands very well.

    If you want to party, it would be even more convenient to go to Gran Canaria instead of Tenerife, as in Gran Canaria there you have the unique and famous party area in Playa del Ingles and beaches are much better in Gran Canaria than in Tenerife (where most beaches are rocks or a mixture between sand & rocks or artificial beaches)

    Have a nice trip and enjoy!!!

    All Canary Islands are lovely and worth a visit.

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    4 years ago

    In Tenerife you can do any such thing you're feeling like any time of the season because of its climate, organic environments and tourist infrastructure made for enjoyment for the family which means this place is the right area for a good vacation and with hotelbye you can get it. In Tenerife are plenty of points waiting for you really to discover and one particular is in the south west shore of Tenerife. A place that is a magnificent spot for watching whales free in the ocean. Up to 26 species are found just off the shore, including baleen whales, killer whales, dolphins, pilot whales and actually blue whales. In Tenerife you may also see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's highest maximum and its two ecosystems produce the rise an event packed with contrasts.

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    Iv been in Tenerife twice in the last year. I stayed in a Hotel Playa La Arena which was so great. The food was amazing and the drink is cheap enough. But there was no nightlife around there unfortunatly. But if you ever are going there to relax Id recomend it. Sorry I couldnt help.

  • 1 decade ago

    Anywhere in Playa De Las Americas, if you want the best nightlife!!

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  • 5 years ago

    Las Americas in costa adeje, it's the best place for young people.

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