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I just got the RROD and i pretty upset...i dunno if i should sell the 360 and get the PS3 or sell da wii and..

get the PS3 and if you think i should get the PS3 TELL ME WHY...

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    Well, I have to say that if you own a Xbox 360, don't be suprised if it crashes on you because the 360 has a hardware failure rate of over 30%.

    I think that you should sell the Xbox 360 and get a PS3. I mean, by now you've probably played Halo 3 ,Bioshock, and Gears of War to death, it's time to move on to bigger and better things: the PS3.

    At least with the PS3, you will almost never have to worry about hardware failure because the PS3's hardware failure rate is 0.02%, so basically a PS3 will almost never experience hardware failure as long as it's taken care of properly. And I can't forget to mention that the PS3 has some awesome exclusives coming up next year.

    If you send in the Xbox 360 for repair, Microsoft will just send you a refurbished one, and that one will die out eventually as well. Just save yourself the time and money and get a PS3 and "Play Beyond".

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    The PS3 has:

    -Less crashing[than 360]

    -More disk space so exclusive games are usually longer and have better graphics.[than360/wii]

    -Better processor[than 360/wii]

    - SIXAXIS mtoion sensing[360 doesnt]

    -Less chance of disk scratching because of the material of the blu ray disks, and the PS3's slot [360]


    -Free Online [wii/360]

    -Playstation Home

    -RSX reality chip

    -You dont have to buy add ons: wireless adapter, HDD drive. if you include the online pay youve basically made up the price difference[ 360]

    -Although when PS3 was just starting 360 got a lot of exclusives coming out but they all came out in a short time and 360 owners have nothing to look forward to exclusively. PS3 owners get to look forward to Uncharted, Haze etc. Wii has no games that are truly ground breaking and exciting.

    - PS3 is one year old and was released with new hardware which was just arriving, 360 used hardware that was well established at the time, DVDs, and so bloomed early with lots of support but now that technology is moving forward they are slowing, only being moved forward by all the people who bought 360 without looking to the future. Now the PS3 is speeding up.

    -The Wii, although it can be entertaining, uses very old harware and is riding on a gimmick [motion sensing] that will get tired fast, PS3 employs motion sensing too but only to enhance gameplay, not to control it entirely.

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    This is my cut and paste answer. The reason for that is because a tech info is a tech info, you can't beat it (sources below).

    PS3 will win the console war, no doubt. Xbox 360 and Wii are so weak from technological point of view, that in couple of years they won't be capable of dealing with serious graphics. GTA IV, for instance, isn't even announced for Wii - this toy won't be able to cope with the game's requirements. Xbox 360 is getting GTA IV, however, the game is going to be released on several DVDs - Xbox 360 owners will have to interrupt gaming process and switch discs (Rockstar complained about this issue). Only PS3 will have it on single BD-DVD.

    Let's compare PS3 and XBOX 360:

    1). A third of XBOX 360 (33%) are malfunctioning right from the start. PS3 return rate is only around 0.2%. Despite some people say, that new 360 has no breakdown issues - just visit Xbox section of Yahoo answers and see for yourself an amount of complaints.

    2). PS3 has 8 (7+1) kernels in Cell processor, Xbox 360 -only 3.

    3). PS3 uses advanced tech called Blu-Ray, one disc can store up to 54 gb (in the future - up to 200 gb), Xbox 360 - regular dual layer DVD-9 (8.5GB). It's possible to get HD-DVD (max. - 30GB) for 360, but it'll cost you around 180$, in this case Xbox is going to be MUCH more expensive, than PS3.

    4). Calculations per sec - PS3 - 51-billion-dot-product-operati... per second

    Xbox 360 - 33.6-billion-dot-product-opera... per second

    5). PS3 has full media support - USBs, built-in 4 slots card reader (except 20GB and 40GB versions), ability to use printer and so on.

    Xbox 360 has USBs and only 2 memory slots.

    6). PS3 supports up to 7 Bluetooth Controllers

    Xbox 360 - up to 4 Controllers

    7). PS3 - wi-fi included (except 20 gb version)

    Xbox 360 - wi-fi will cost you around 100 $

    8). Graphics are stronger in PS3, due to RSX chip, that was developed by Nvidia exclusively for PS3. RSX runs on 550 Mhz. It's difficult to compare their graphics chips, because 360 has a video chip with totally different structure and operating memory is divided differently in both consoles. However, PS3 exclusives look better than 360's exclusives.

    9). PS3 uses technology from AGEIA company. It does to physics of the game same thing GPU (videocard processor) does to graphics. This thing is on sale for PC(special card). The price is around 350$. There is no such thing in 360.

    10). Xbox 360 is widely known for so-called "red ring of death" problem - it gets overheated easily. My PS3 was running for more than 15 hours non-stop with no problems. Sometimes Xbox 360 becomes so overheated, that thermopaste on CPU melts, drips on motherboard and successfully shortcircuits it. That's why in some countries people call Xbox 360 "Coffin 360".

    11). Besides all of this, I've seen disassembled Xbox 360 - regular PC architecture - Billy Gates is an uninventive nerd (as usual).

    When I saw disassembled PS3 - it was a surprise - smart architecture, good cooling (don't buy external PS3 coolers - they make everything worse - original system is good), etc.

    12). In 2008 PS3 will get more than 300 games, including Metal Gear Solid 4, The Agent and other great exclusives. Here is the good link to the future PS3 releases.

    13). PS3 online is free, Xbox 360 - you have to pay.

    14). There were reports, that 360 scratches discs. No reports on that in PS3.

    15). The funniest thing, that right now there are no games for PS3, that show full potential of the console. Biggest games weigh only 25 GB (Xbox 360 will need more than 3 discs even for those).

    16). On PS3 you can install other OS, such as Linux Yellow Dog, Ubuntu and others. Sony officially lets you do it. There is no such thing in 360.

    17). PS3 HDD can be replaced easily with any 2.5" SATA 5400 RPM HDD (used in laptops). 250 GB will cost you around 170$. In 360 you have to buy exclusive HDD, where 20GB will cost you 100$.

    18).Sony expects PS3 to stay on the market for, at least, 7-10 years. Also Sony reduces price now. There is a cheaper 40GB version of PS3.

    19).Sony constantly upgrades PS3 software (free updates for OS) - you get new functions and improvements.

    20). PS3 controller (sixaxis) has a motion control - you move controller - game responds. Wii has it, Xbox 360 - doesn't. PS3 is getting rumble controller (Dualshock 3) in 1st quarter 2008, Japan already has it. On I saw those controllers on sale 50$ and up (unofficial import)

    21).On PS3 you can help sick people by running Folding Home project. Wii and Xbox 360 didn't even think about it.

    22).New 40GB is 399$ or 399 euro (depends on the region) - it has no backwards compatibility with PS2 games, has 2 USBs instead of 4, no built-in card reader, but it's the same PS3, strong, reliable, less noisy, different cooling system. The price is friendly.

    I didn't mention Wii, because it's so weak, no point to talk about it. Leave it for kindergarten and casual games.


    and many other sources.

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