What is the best site to check the weather?

What is the best site on the computer to check up to the hour weather in Wisconsin?

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    I'm a meteorology student at SUNY Oswego, and while I'm still learning quite a bit, I'm a big fan of the National Weather Service site. Anything NOAA related is probably your best bet for the US.

    The Weather Channel is ok, but I feel like they're off sometimes, so it depends on how you actually feel about their forecasts for your area.

    Source(s): www.nws.noaa.gov www.spc.noaa.gov www.weather.com
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    Check the Yahoo widgets.

    You download a small application and it enables thousands of widgets, one of which is a weather widget. It just sits on your desktop, telling you the weather for the next week.

    Yahoo widgets were originally called 'Konfabulator' and have been around for about 4 or 5 years. At first they were only available for Mac but the program was ported over to Windows about 3 years ago. It was copied by Apple and included in their operating system, then copied by Microsoft for Vista and called 'Gadgets' in a pathetic and transparent attempt to look original!

    You can write your own widgets and contribute them to the library, or just use anyone else's for free.

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    I love Intellicast.com. It lets you get everything from Radar & Satillite to "feels like" temps for anywhere! You can create an account and have a hotlist of your favorite places in the site to have on hand. Check it out!

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    I want to recommend www.ksdk.com They provide a true and immediate weather information. For more details http://www.usignp.info/2014/07/check-weather-on-ww...

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    Wunderground is my favorite. just type in your zip code. Los of neat features including a huge photo gallery. It appears from looking at the map that there is a good chance that you're getting some kind of freezing precipitation as we speak, especially in my home town of Beloit.


  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite is accuweather.com. Its basic, free service is very extensive and I believe more accurate, fun, and interactive than weather.com... It has a lot of good graphics, expert blogs that are very interesting and informative, as well as radars, forecasts (hourly, daily, weekly), averages, current conditions, archives, etc.

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    i think (accuweather.com) it is the best ever try it i wish you like it good luck.

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