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What Exactly Does the Confederate Flag Symbolize?

I am from Louisiana and we had a parade today. Near the end of the parade their were reenactors dressed in confederate solider suits holding the confederate flag. Several people in the audience cheered them on as they passed. I am just looking for an honest clear answer as to what it represents. Several people were highly offended by this and I heard numerous comments being made behind me. Now, if the flag represents slavery then why were several Caucasian people cheering and applauding them. I am quite confused as to the definition. I am not looking to cause trouble nor start any kind of racial argument. I am just looking for an honest answer as to what the Confederate Flag means and is it an offensive thing. I know slavery is what it reminds several people of, but if it was offensive, why on earth would they allow it in the parade? I am confused?

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    it was a CALL flag nothing more it just let other confedrate soliders know were camps.. hospitals, and battle line were juat as the north used are american flag as there call flag...

    the south actually had several....

    go to this web site ...

    also the confedrate flag was not seen as racial tell groups like the KKK and other White supremacy groups thought it would be a good emblem there for ruining history.... and staining the great past that this flag and others like it had... for if not for the stars and bars or union jack or bonnie blue alot more men would have died.. in the hands of the north same could be said for the stars and strips why arnt people throwing a fit over it??? it was in a war the was viewed as *helping slavery...... why not protest it.....think people think.....

    PS the war had nothing to do with slavery but TRADE!!! but you want see that in any history book....

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    The civil war was inevitable in view of the rabid desire of southern politicians to keep a dominant power and influence in Congress. Any attempt to abate the spread of slavery to the new states and territories was rabidly opposed by Southern Democrat politicians. Please review the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott SCOTUS decision, and the Douglas supported decision to let each new state choose whether to be a slave or free state. The result was "Bleeding Kansas" where the Civil War actually began. A huge rush of southern slavers moved to Kansas in order to have a majority vote for it becoming a slave state. They began murdering people who opposed slavery. Yes, succession was about economics and profits for the South-- at the expense of enslaving human beings. Actually the south was the aggressor because southern states attacked federal armories and forts and took weapons not belonging to southern states and killed and made prisoner of Federal Troops. That it was a war of northern aggression is a false notion. The Confederate Flag looks so much like the NAZI flag. It origins are negative. It represents the tyranny of Democrats (radical redistribution of wealth) and any good Republican should have nothing to do with it. Bill Clinton campaign using that Flag and so did Al Gore. Now the Democratic Socialist want to affiliate Republicans with that flag. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of today s Democrats.

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    The flag was there for "historical" reasons, and represents part of the history of the South, which unfortunately ended with the bloodiest war in the history of the US and several million dead just because a bunch of cotton plantation owners didn't want to decrease their corporate profits.

    I'm assuming there weren't any black people cheering. The reason some whites may cheer is because they are still holding on to the stupid idea that the South was somehow the victim in the Civil War (isn't everybody a "victim" these days?) These same people may lead to the divisioin of the US and civil war again (with nukes) if we don't stop them now.

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      So, why can all these newly declared "states" all over the world gain their independence under the direct tutelage from the USA, states that never existed before, have the "right" to separate themselves, but the states in the US, that exist for 150 years can't? Double standards?

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    Shelby Foote, author and super star of the Ken Burns series "The Civil War" says that to him, a southern boy growing up, it was a symbol of the good side of the south: pride, individuality, and congeniality. He went on to say that he and other people like him were not diligent enough and let the skin-heads and other racists use it for bad.

    All that being said, when it is in a parade as you describe, think of Shelby Foote. When it is use ANYWHERE else -- in a flag on a state capitol, in a neighbor's window, on a motorcycle gas tank -- it means just what you think it means. Racism.

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    The Civil War ended up being about slavery, but it began because the states wanted their own rights. They didn't want a strong federal government. Lincoln pulled in the slavery issue with the Emancipation Proclamation. To me, the flag represents people fighting for what they believed in, for states rights. But, that being said, to some people, they've made that flag represent not states rights, but oppression.

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    confederate flag symbolize

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    It symbolizes the time period in which parts of the south succeded from the country because they wanted to keep African-American slaves, while the north didn't.

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    To many Whites, not necessarily racists, it represents honoring ancestors who fought courageously for their homeland. To White racists, it is a symbol of their hatred. To Blacks, it holds whatever power over them that they choose to give it.

    Personally, I think it is a divisive symbol, that one can honor one's ancestors without invoking a divisive symbol, and that reasonable Whites and Blacks alike should just let it go. Even if you co-opt it as a symbol for racists, they will always find another. Their hatred is like oxygen to them - they can't live without it.

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