Medical question!!!!.......Please Help?

While I was growing up, my mom used to slap my upside my head alot (lol it sounds funny I know); from ages 16-24 I got beat by my ex bf, most of the time, him slamming my head into the walls, most of the walls being stucco cement...and at age 17, I was in a fight, while I was on top hitting her, her friend came and kicked me solid in the back of my head 3 times, right above my neck. I saw a light flash, my ears rang & nearly passed out.When they broke us up, I got up and walked away with slightly blurred vision. Ever since those times, I've been having migrane headaches, so severe I throw up..and my memory is really short..I mean, I remember things from when I was like 3 til now, but some ppl I used to talk to come up to me & I don't remember who they are, my short term memory's shot, I don't remember appointments or simple things like where I left my keys 5 minutes ago, even forgetting If I said asked something, repeating the question 20 seconds later...So, did the hits cause these?


thanx for helping out :)....DreO

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    Hey Dre I was gonna make one of my silly jokes bout a sore thumb or something But....

    Yeah that stuff can come back to haunt you My Motorcycle wrecks and bar fights are catching up with me in the last few years

    The light flash you were talking about was your Optic Nerves gettin a S kicking usualy short term blurred vision & stuff not to rare for it to cause head aches either like when you strain your eyes but worse

    Dont let us solve your problem here GO see a doctor good or bad at least you will know

    You know I aint leaving without a joke -or 2- I signed up for classes to improve my memory but kept forgetting to go to them

    The XBF Academy or any good sporting goods store -At least a .38 cal

    But for real go see a doc Later Johnny

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    probably yeah, all those hits are very damaging, more when u were little kid. go to a doctor a get your brain examed. if there's nothing wrong don't worry, just try to play memory games more often or try to learn something new every now and then. that sort of thing is good for the memory. you can also try eating food like fish, i hear that is good for your brain.

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    What else do you think might cause your symptoms? You know the answers here. It would be appropriate to go to a neurologist and have an evaluation. You also need to avoid any further head trauma if you want to be able to function for the rest of your life.

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    my dear,you had better see a good neurosurgeon,because you could have a brain bleed! meaning a bloodvessel could have ruptured in your brain ant the blood is seeping into your brain cavity. this happened to my 94 yeatr old father,lat winter my dad fell twice striking his head in the same spot causing a brain bleed,the neurosurgeon operated and drained out the dadf is 94 thats kind of old but your young go get it checked out come your mother didnt give you a few slaps on your bum instead of slapping you upside your head? thats dangerous ,hitting anyone in the head is cruel!

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    yea, what else could it be, i mean commmmme onnnn, it doesnt take genius to figur that out

    u probly got a concussion and it messed with some internal nerve ending or some heuys in your brain

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    Yeah I would think all that could be the cause....

    Check with your Doc

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