Point vs. Points?

When you answer a question, are you trying to make points, or are you trying to make a point?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Very timely question. I can't even remember how I got on here, & seems a very long time ago. I "thought" this was a place to learn, contribute & make friends. Over time, it has deteriorated so much I'm ready to leave.

    I don't really mind the people who answer a question with "HUH" just to get their two points. That's up to them. I'll do my thing, & they do theirs. (Although the point of points escapes me.)

    One day I saw this little orange thingee, & didn't even know what it meant. Oh gosh. Top contributor! VERY embarassing. (You "may" want to see some of the wonderful answers I've gotten from my question: Is there a "discontent" virus going around?)

    Top contributor meant a lot to some people who were dismayed when it was capriciously snatched without reason. (Mine has been, too, but it was worthless as ---- on a bull.)

    Yes, I will get to your question!

    However, my contacts & I fought so hard for months to restore accounts that had been deleted FOR NO REASON. I've never been suspended, but when I see my good friends go down one by one, I can only recognize that Q&A is NOT "community" oriented. They say one can dispute a violation, (no reasons given), but never answer. Our 100% civil postings in the forum ignored, or deleted! I have emailed the team seven times now, for not alerting me to Best Answer so I could thank the asker. Not the courtesy of a response. Some have been very stoic & brave, after their long investment has been wiped out, & have started over. There is now a new site, where no anarchist rules us. I have migrated with some of the best.

    I've never been here for points. (I'm not critcal of those who are.) I give stars to every question I answer, because it's interesting, or I wouldn't have chosen it to answer. Thumbs down is a sadistic, & useless feature; a place that people in hiding vent their disageement, or stalk others.

    So. I have always tried to make a point, & never to make poiints.

    If this answer is deleted, I couldn't care less. Why scramble through brambles when there are pleasant places to be? I'm just winding down to answer questions from my contacts before I say goodbye. Feels so free!

  • 1 decade ago

    One day out of boredom I was reading all the best answers to questions,when I realized that half the time ,the chosen answer made no logical sense whatsoever, what it did do was stroke the ego of the questioner.or back up some delusional agenda he was on about.

    Anyone here for the points only, becomes quickly disillusioned the first time one of their well thought out ,articulate answers gets bupkiss while the points go to the guy whose answer to everything is 42 !

    I believe the only fair way to choose an answer is by vote and the questioner shouldnt get to vote, and then top contributor badges should be given to those who get the most Best answers .whether in one or many catagories.(No offence to present company)

    So my point is there is no point in trying to make points here.

    Have I made my point?

    peace ><>

  • Frosty
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I've only been angry with Y! Answers twice. Once when a question I asked that was clearly not violating any rules but hurt a sensitive zealot's feelings was removed. The other time when I should have had the best answer but the questioner gave it to her boyfriend... for no reason other than he said "you're right, baby." I poured research and time into answering it thoroughly just to lose for that B.S. Still, no matter how mad that made me, I still try to give the best possible answer I can. I try to earn points but I try to make points more often. Earning points is a bonus, but I'm not upset if the best answer was actually someone who earned it as well. Two points isn't enough for me to randomly leave answers with just one word or sentence (unless I'm feeling quirky).

  • 1 decade ago

    I generally try to make a point. Even some of my most flippant answer have points. Sometimes, I do answer just to be silly. But the point of that is that it is fun... I am not looking for points.

    If I were answering for points, I would just run through and answer my allotted number of answers giving no thought at all to the question at hand. There would be no point in that.

    And what is the point of points? Even at my low level, I find it difficult to answer as many questions as I'm allowed to. It is also difficult for me to ask as many questions as I am allotted. And even when I ask a question, there is a point.

    Really there is no point in my having more points. But, there is a point in my having a point. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, it's kind of funny, since those with the most points are seen as those who make better points.

    But, when you keep the human race in mind, you know this isn't true. We are, by nature, competitive. It's sad that this competition has to seep through even the tiniest cracks...

    Still, the only reason I'm here is to ask questions, read answers, and see what other people have to say. It seems to be the most knowledgeable thing to do around here, anyway... since the only thing my friends seem to care about is "OMG! Does he like me?!"

    By the way, I checked out your website. Your paintings are absolutely breathtaking. It's nice to know that there are still people who value art and philosophy over anything materialistic.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To be honest I use P&S for both a bit of fun and to top up on points, howevever if there is a point to be made I will try to make it.

    On the others I try my best to either be informative or to make a point.

    But is that not in some way another way of playing the game Gee, just like in real life?

    This is just a safe sim. of social interaction, is it not?

    the world is full of people who all have their own little ways.

    A good source of feed back.

    It helps open our forth and final window.

    Source(s): Just to add some thing about thumbs up and down. I think this is a good way of getting a little feed back about what some people think, and is in no way a terrible thing! Sticks and stones may break my bone but thumbs will never hurt me!
  • 1 decade ago

    Well I answer to help out and make a point although I am being rewarded with points as well. That's just a part of the system.

  • 1 decade ago

    My sole motivation is to make or explore a point. I am interested in healthy dialogue and enjoy participating in it. As to making points, there is a certain amount of curiosity in watching how the game is played, watching my points rise and fall, and seeing others who seem to be greedy for points. Each one (as in life) pursues according to their level of development. I am Sirius

  • 1 decade ago

    usually to make a point, though i admit, when i am one or two points away from a milestone, if i notice it, say needing two to reach level 7, or one more best answer to have 500, i will answer a question thats in the information area, rather then opinion area, just to make points!

  • 1 decade ago

    make a point

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