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Kinetic energy vs. momentum...?

If one object is moving toward another stationary object, and then when the collsion occurs the two objects stick together.....In this case, are the kinetic energy and the momentum lost? or is it just the kinetic energy that is lost?

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    Collisions are of different kinds. The two extreme cases are

    1. Perfectly elastic collision [ ideal] and 2. perfectly inelastic collision. All other collisions are partially elastic or partially inelastic.

    In all cases the momentum is conserved.

    The kinetic energy is conserved only in the case of perfectly elastic collision.

    When two bodies stick together, they are NOT perfectly elastic.

    Hence the kinetic energy is not conserved.

    In the process of sticking together some energy is lost.

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    If the object comes to a standstill then both the momentum and KE is lost.

    BTW... "another stationary object" - only one object is stationary, the other one is in motion.

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    momentum is conserved , but K.E is lost

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