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- rub off

- two tier

- trade deficit

- stakeholder

- fiscal



mainly used in business side

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    Meaning of English differs in usages, therefore it is not suggested to ask for a simple difinition, coz you may use it wrongly. Suggest to read more with paragraph(s) to grap the idea.

    Try to explain in limited input.

    - rub off

    intransitive verb

    to become transferred

    e.g1 carbon rubs off on your hands

    eg.2 bad ways rub off on Britney

    - two tier

    normally used in IT. Refers to client/server architectures in which the user interface runs on the client and the database is stored on the server. The actual application logic can run on either the client or the server. A newer client/server architecture, called a three-tier architecture introduces a middle tier for the application logic.

    - trade deficit


    eg. The US puts the 1995 bilateral trade deficit to be $34 billion

    - stakeholder


    1. 股東(shareholders) - 就是公司的擁有人,關心公司的潤利等表現,公司是他們財產的一部份;

    2. 員工(employees) - 公司的存亡與他的工作和生計有直接關係,另外公司的薪酬福利制度、政策等也是直接與他們有關的,故此特別關心;

    3. 債主(creditors) - 他們關心公司是否有能力償還欠該公司的債務;

    4. 投資者(investors) - 他們與股東類同,但尚未購買公司的股票,但公司的一舉一動也可以影響投資的取向及決定;

    5. 政策(government) - 特別是稅務局(inland revenue),他們對公司的盈利狀況特別關心,因這直接影響稅收。


    - fiscal

    The term fiscal refers to government debt, expenditures and revenues, or to finance (particularly financial revenue) in general.

    eg1 Fiscal deficit is the budget deficit of federal or local government

    eg2 Fiscal policy is the discretionary spending of governments. Contrasts with monetary policy.

    eg3 Fiscal year and fiscal quarter are reporting periods for firms and other agencies.

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    - rub off ( 擦掉)

    - two tier (雙邊)

    - trade deficit (貿易逆差)

    - stakeholder (賭金持手人)

    - fiscal (財務的)

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