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Feel What I Feel 的歌詞


Feel What I Feel 是 Kat Deluna 的

想請高手 幫忙找一下歌詞 @@

中英文 都要 謝謝

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    Kat Deluna Feel What I Feel Lyrics

    why can't you smile

    shake a hand

    joke around when you're under

    doesn't take that much to do it

    sing a song when you're down

    cause i know that you wonder

    what is coming over me

    don't you keep it in

    gotta let it out

    swing your head around

    tell em' what you're all about

    just believe it and get with it

    and when you hear the sound


    don't you know that i was made for this music?

    when i hear it take a ride and i lose it

    all my worries step aside

    when i hear a simple melody

    let me in like the wind

    let me take it higher

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