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why is it necessary for Taiwan

why is it necessary for Taiwan to offer aids for assistance to other countries

(be specific)Thank you!!



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    Taiwan needs to offer aids to assist other countries for various of reasons.

    First of all, it is obvious that we need to do so due to our foreign diplomatic situation. As we are still unrecognized by UN, we need to gain as many UN members as allies to help us to re-enter UN if we are to stand any chance.

    Secondly, Taiwan is well known for doing international charity all over the world. Not really for diplomatic reasons, but we have several international compassionate groups in Taiwan that are helping the poor and give aids to those who need them the most around the world. We are simply continuing and give great love to the world.



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    為什麼使台灣為其他國家(農村) (專門) 感謝提供輔助援助必要你(們)! !

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