What is a target market?

looking for something very broad here

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The specific group of people you are focusing on in order to sell a particular type of product or service to.

    Many companies have been accused of marketing certain products based on race or gender.

    Example: Using Popular African American Icons to Market Malt Liquor, or a $200.00 Pair of sneakers that actually cost 15 bucks to make.

    Using Joe Camel, Candy replicas, Famous Actors and Cartoon Characters to popularize and introduce children to Tobacco Products (cigarettes)

    Making deals with celebrities to endorse a perfume/cologne fragrance with their name and persona attached to it, (like they really created it), in order to increase sales to women. Get it?

  • The group of people you intend to service. Your product(s) may be geared just for that specific group.

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