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how many hours cant you go on an airplane after scuba diving?

My ears hurt when i touch the little ball in my ear

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    The rule of thumb depends on who you listen to. PADI, for example says 18 hours is fine after more than a single dive. Guess what. PADI has no bloody idea what sort of diving you just did. You may have just completed an altitude dive, then dives at sea level, or the reverse ,all within 24 hours. You may have just completed a dive where there was a decompression obligation. That 18 hours now is just BS because it pertains to an average PADI, essentially OW dive . It doesn't cover anything more exotic and oddly enough PADI is getting into the realm of Tech. The more time before airborne, the better now. Personally, PADI's rules just don't cut it. Keep your no fly time as long as you can past PADI's recommendations. If you own a altitude/ no fly dive computer, use it's algorithm to calculate your no fly and add some prudent safety. It's just plain smart.

    To put it in perspective. If I were to tell you that driving your particular car on a certain road was "absolutely safe and without any risk at all" doing 75 mph but driving it at 76mph was "ok, I suppose", which would you choose?

    PADI might be "where the world learns to dive" but the learners need to remember that they are just starting and to continue it just gets more conservative.

    One thing I'd like to add here about no fly. I'm not in any way knocking PADI as an organization. I'm stating a simple truth. Their no fly just doesn't hack it and can be potentially dangerous if some conditions are met. Then again, like I said right off the bat, "PADI for example". People need to read the fine print.

    Source(s): Myself, owner of a commercial dive business.
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    I always wait 24 hours before flying after I've been diving. My dive computer is pretty liberal and says I can fly after several hours if I've only done one dive. I would still wait 24 hours (of course, I never do just 1 dive :) ) Yes, the rules say you can fly sooner, but I figure it never hurts to be hurt. Taking the last day off before flying home also gives me an excuse to hang out on the beach for the whole day and have some umbrella drinks.

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    You can't go wrong with a 24 hour time to fly period. As others have said, 12 hour minimum for single dives, 18 hour for multiple.

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    PADI recommend a minimum 12 hour interval after only ONE dive.

    Multiple dives require a minimum of 18 hours.

    Be conservative and safe and extend these times if you can.

    Scubabob, this is not a forum in which to diparage SCUBA certification agencies! Put that somewhere else.

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    I think it is 12 or 24 hours

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    i think it's like two days or something. but i don't know.

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