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who sings the dope song in Malibu's most wanted?

brads 13 birthday

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    I don't know the exact song but there's the soundtrack...

    # "Grindin'"

    Written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Gene Thornton Jr. and Terrance Thornton

    Performed by Clipse

    Courtesy of Star Trak Records

    Under License from BMG Special Products, Inc.

    # "Get Back"

    Written by Master P (as Percy Miller), Silkk Tha Shocker, Shante Franklin and Donald Robertson

    Performed by 504 Boyz (Master P, Silkk Tha Shocker (as Silkk the Shocker) & Curren$y)

    Courtesy of No Limit Records

    # "Get Glucked"

    Written by Damon Elliott, Jamie Kennedy, Fax Bahr and Adam Small

    Produced by Damon Elliott

    Performed by Jamie Kennedy

    # "It's Tricky"

    Written by Darryl McDaniels, Rick Rubin, Jason Mizell and Joseph Simmons

    Performed by Run-D.M.C.

    Courtesy of Profile Records / Arista Records, Inc.

    Under License from BMG Special Products, Inc.

    # "Parents Just Don't Understand"

    Written by J. Townes, Will Smith and P. Harris

    Performed by Jeffrey A. Townes (as Jazzy Jeff) & Will Smith (as The Fresh Prince)

    Courtesy of Jive Records

    # "O.P.P."

    Written by Fonce Mizell, Freddie Perren, Dennis Lussier, Berry Gordy,

    Anthony 'Treach' Criss, Keir Gisl and Vincent Brown

    Performed by Naughty By Nature

    Courtesy of Rhino Entertainment Company

    By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing

    Contains samples from "ABC"

    Performed by Jackson 5

    Courtesy of Motown Records

    Under License from Universal Music Enterprises

    # "California"

    Written by DeAnthony Wiley and Kareem Osbourne

    Performed by Akia featuring Kareem Osbourne

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)"

    Written by Robert W. Parissi

    Produced by Hi-C

    Performed by Hi-C, Big Steele, Drop Da Bomb, Young Dre and Mr. Kane

    Courtesy of Hi-Life Inc.

    # "Crush on You"

    Written by Mr. Cheeks (as Terrance Kelly) and Mario Winans

    Performed by Mr. Cheeks featuring Mario Winans

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"

    Written by Dwight 'Lil Skrapp' Reynolds, Jowan Jackson, Kimberly Jackson Jones, LaVerne Jackson and Priscilla Jackson

    Performed by 702

    Courtesy of Motown Records

    # "In Here To Nite"

    Written by Rodney Johnson and Donn Juan

    Performed by The Rated R

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "I Told Ya"

    Written by Anson Watts and Tony Castillo

    Performed by Grandaddy Soul

    Courtesy of SRG Records, Inc.

    # "Hell Yeah"

    Written by Crawford Wilkerson

    Produced and Performed by Hi-C

    Courtesy of Hi-Life Inc.

    # "Hi-C Freestyle Rap"

    Performed by Hi-C

    # "Wrecking Ball"

    Written by Fredrick Nassar

    Performed by Fredwreck

    # "Big Steele Freestyle Rap"

    Performed by Big Steele

    # "Bullet Proof Soul"

    Written by Andre Terry and Jeeve

    Produced by Jeeve

    Performed by Young Dre

    Courtesy of KC3 Monumental

    # "Young Dre Freestyle Rap"

    Performed by Young Dre

    # "C and C"

    Written by Crawford Wilkerson

    Produced and Performed by Hi-C

    Courtesy of Hi-Life Inc.

    # "Hi-C Battle Rap"

    Performed by Hi-C

    # "B-Rad Battle Rap"

    Performed by Jamie Kennedy

    # "Bomba"

    Written by James Cerrine

    Produced and Performed by Felli Fel

    Courtesy of Rock Hill Productions

    # "Drop Da Bomb Freestyle Rap"

    Performed by Drop Da Bomb

    # "Chug-A-Lug"

    Written by Pastor Troy (as Micah Levar Troy), Carlos Thornton and Benny Tillman

    Performed by Pastor Troy

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "Me So Horny"

    Written by Luther Campbell, David P. Hobbs, Christopher Wong Won, Mark D. Ross and Ricardo Williams

    Performed by 2 Live Crew

    Courtesy of Lil' Jon Records, Inc.

    # "From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace"

    Written by Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and R. Kelly (as Robert Kelly)

    Performed by Snoop Dogg

    Courtesy of Priority Records

    Under License from EMI Film and TV Music

    # "Choppa Style"

    Written by Darwin Turner and Master P

    Performed by Choppa featuring Master P

    Courtesy of No Limit Records

    # "That's Dirty"

    Written by Bryan Thomas, Daniel Thomas, Tarvares Webster, Timothy Harris and Juante Howard

    Performed by Dirty featuring Mannie Fresh, Lil Burn One and Adam Moreno (as Mr. Blue)

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "I Want You Girl"

    Written by Danny Means II

    Performed by Butch Cassidy

    Courtesy of Universal Records

    # "Really Don't Wanna Go"

    Written by I. "B.B." Crump, M. Williams and B. Phillips

    Performed by David Banner featuring Marcus and B Flat

    Courtesy of SRC Records, Inc.

    # "Girls, Girls"

    Written by F. Nassar, Snoop Dogg (as C. Broadus), E. White and D. Cagnalatti, Jr.

    Produced by "Fredwreck" Nassar

    Performed by Snoop Dogg featuring E-White, Delano and Jamie Kennedy

    Snoop Dogg appears courtesy of MCA Records

    Delano appears courtesy of Doggystyle Records

    # "Most Wanted in Malibu"

    Written by Baby Jaymes, Jamie Kennedy, Bryan Morris, Juan Blair and Carl Jacobs

    Produced by Baby Jaymes and Ugly Fingerz

    Performed by Baby Jaymes, Jamie Kennedy and Mac G

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    the song is o.p.p. and its by naughty by nature

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