How could you ever accurately estimate how many women file false rape charges?

Sure there are women who drop rape charges, but that doesn't mean the rape never happened. It probably means she's afraid to face her attacker, or afraid to testify. How can one accurately estimate the number of women who file false rape charges? Would liars ever publicly admit they lied?

How prevalent is the actual problem? How many men's lives are actually ruined in this way? How do we know she lied? And who in their right mind would file a rape charge that is false? It 's one thing to accuse, or spread rumors, but to file a criminal charge is another (big) level up. It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would think that they could pull off convincing a jury of such a huge lie.

What percentage of rape charges are actually false? And how do your arrive at a reliable statistic on this?


By the way, I'm NOT saying that this never happens...I know that it does. What I'm asking is how do we estimate how big a problem (how prevalent) this really is?

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I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE "DUKE CASE" IS ALL ABOUT...this question has nothing at all to do with that. I haven't the faintest clue about the "Duke case."

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Perhaps I should read up on this so I will know what it is you are all referring to!

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    According to F.B.I. statistics, 4.9% of women were victims of rape in 2004. To increase such a stat to ''25%'' is silly, but also dangerous since rape victims and women who have had a friend raped are likely to think emotionally, and not logically, and believe it, even though the ''25%'' is a feminist-produced statistic. I hear a new statistic invented by MRAs is springing up; that 25% of men convicted of rape are innocent.

    In my opinion, the ones who don't report cancel out with the ones who lie about it.

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    1 decade ago

    I reluctantly post this, but some years ago I had a false rape charge filed against me by a women I had a relationship with. She was married (I didn't know this) and when I went to her house and found she had a husband and children, she never spoke to me again and three months later the police arrived to arrest me for rape.

    After hours of questioning, I was charged and given a court date. A month later the charges were suddenly dropped. The approach taken by most people involved was that she couldn't face the stress of a court appearance etc. I was considered 'lucky to have gotten away with it'.

    I fully agree that all women are not so insane or callous as to do this, but it is an example showing that it happens.

    [edit] what I point to here is that men who are not charged or found guilty are almost always considered to have escaped justice. In many countries you can still end up on a sex offenders register for being charged even when you are not found guilty. In making it more difficult for real rapists to escape, false charges can be more easily filed and someone somewhere always feels aggrieved if perceived justice isn't meted out.

    [edit 2] My suspicion (and it;s nothing more than that) is that dropped charges are left alone. In cases where evidence is lacking on both sides, it would be wrong to burden either side with incriminating records, so a credit search is rendered useless.

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    One is just as dumb as the other, each case is judged individually not based on prior experience. It seems that your cousin didn't go to trial either, the charges were dropped. Your cousin had a legal remedy he could have used, he didn't want to. If she lied under oath she would have faced a criminal charge, perjury, but she didn't. The repercussions are civil then, and your cousin didn't want to sue either. I don't know what you expected them to do under those circumstances. As to where the feminists are, they're with you on false allegations, they don't do well by women when others have preconceived ideas about rape and its a difficult enough thing to go through and bring to court. To have some woman make a mockery of that for any reason is wrong.

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    1 decade ago

    I can't answer specifically how to formulate a way to specifiy how to count false allegations.

    In my mind though, a *false* allegation is not about lacking evidence or dropped charges. A *false* allegation IS about her either admitting it OR being caught red-handed in the act.

    Some feminists try and pretend that only 2% of claims are false, but that statistic came from a feminist writer and she did not supply any sources for it at all - however, feminists do quote her on this figure as if it were gospel. Some otthers claim only 5% are false while some MRA's claim upto 50%.

    I'm thinking somewhere between the two, about 20% - 30%. As I said previously, I know three cases of rape accusations - each being found to be a false one but I wouldn't be so naive as to think my experiences reflect a 100% false accusation ratio as true for all experiences of others.

    ETA: Rape and other forms of sexual abuse (at least upon women and children, not men) is a rare area where NO EVIDENCE is required aside from her word. Men HAVE been imprisoned on words alone with NO evidence to support the claim at all.

    In the past, men have been lynched on accusations of rape before they got near a court...

    Object's idea would not work as *most* false accusers do NOT face any legal repercussions and additionally retain their anonymity and using 'rape shield' law which enables to make other false allegations later safe in the knowledge their history of false allegations can NOT be used against them else the law will breaking the law itself. Days ago there was a case of a woman who falsely accused EIGHT men over the course of a few years (while retaining anonymity & rape shield). Although she has NOW faced some penalty for her crimes, she only counts as ONE instance rather than eight.

    Feminist do not 'directly' make the laws, but they write the basis for them and harass the male politicians to do it on their behalf. However, in England, we do have enough female politications and they do affect - directly - the laws.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Professor, do you have a source for that 10% figure?

    I, too, agree with troll shark - if they could get the data. An analysis of credit scores and auto insurance risk is so simple a caveman could do it. Credit data is meticulously recorded for every individual by several credit reporting agencies. Accident data is also recorded by several parties including state departments of motor vehicles. Who keeps track of the false rape claim database? Perhaps an analysis could be done in some limited and controlled jurisdiction but... this is a hard problem.

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    What one also has to consider is that not all false rape allegations actually accuse an individual in particular. Some young women would say that they were raped by some guy- an unknown assailant- to hide a consensual sexual encounter from their parents or boyfriend.

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    1 decade ago

    False rape claims are just as bad as the man/woman who has raped someone. I think it's as low as anyone can go on both sides! Something like that should not be taken as lightly as people take it. The women/men that report a rape that didn't happen are just as bad as rapists because it's doing the same thing stealing somone's dignity! I can't stand that.

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    1 decade ago

    It's just as difficult to prove lies as it is the truth in this situation. The information you're looking for is not 'falsifiable' on an individual basis.

    The next best step, is to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt which is the same criteria used when putting a man in jail for years.

  • 1 decade ago

    How could you accurately estimate how many actual rape cases there are when feminists have expanded the definition of rape to include consensual sex that women later regret?

    How many "rapes" are nothing more than women that had second thoughts after the fact?

    Well, no matter... the laws don't take that into account.

    ...Yea, just lock the guy up.

    More "male privilege" I guess.

  • 1 decade ago

    Whoa - careful there, sweetheart. I thought you were never supposed to cross the feminist fact that women NEVER EVER lie about such things.

    If you blow this thing wide open, you may establish innocent until proven guilty for men, human rights for the falsely accused and punishment for habitual liers who send innocent men to prison to be repeatedly raped and all sorts of other things feminists don't want.

    If you go down this path, you run the risk of exposing feminism for what it is. We couldnt have that, could we????

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