cai i drive with epilepsy in the state of arkansas?

Do you have to go 1 year without having a seizure before getting your driver's liscence legally?

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    Don't let the morons that don't understand epilepsy get you down. If they think that they could never have a seizure they must not have a brain. If you have a brain, you can have a seizure! Sorry, your state is one that requires one year.

    Good luck, be safe.

    State Arkansas

    Seizure-Free Period 1 year

    Periodic Medical Updates Required After Licensing At discretion of DMV

    Doctors Required to Report Epilepsy No

    DMV Appeal of License Denial Within 20 days


    Driver's License

    Arkansas requires an individual be seizure-free for 1 year prior to being issued a personal driver's license. The Department may issue a license prior to an individual being seizure-free for 1 year; however, there are no specific circumstances or conditions that would entitle an individual to receive a license prior to the one-year seizure-free period. Restricted or probationary licenses are not available for persons with epilepsy. A physician who provides such information has no explicit grant of immunity from liability for damages arising out of an accident caused by a seizure. The Motor Vehicle Department may impose restrictions applicable to the licensee to assure safe operation [Ark. Code Ann. § 27-16-804]. The medical standard for obtaining a license to drive a truck in intrastate commerce are the same as for a personal vehicle license. This standard applies to passenger carrying vehicles such as taxis and buses also. There is no statutory immunity from liability for physicians for information they provide the DMV. If the DMV is notified that an individual has experienced a seizure and has suspended driving privileges, the Department will then require that a person with epilepsy present a physician's certification that he or she has been seizure-free for one year and is under a physician's care before a driver's license can be reissued. The medical Information is reviewed by the manager of Driver Control. A license may be suspended or revoked without a preliminary hearing if there is sufficient evidence that the licensee is incompetent to drive [Ark. Code Ann. § 27-16-907(a)(5)]. The licensee has a right to an administrative hearing with a Driver Control Hearing Officer within 20 days of the Department's receipt of the licensee's request for a hearing [§ 27-16-907]. Judicial review is available under § 27-16-913 by filing a petition within 30 days of the decision in the court of the county where the licensee resides.

    Identification Card

    Any person 14 years or older who is not licensed to drive may obtain an identification card upon presentation of proof of name and birthdate through the Department of Motor Vehicles.


    Arkansas has no statutory provision requiring doctors to report patients who have been treated for or diagnosed as having a seizure disorder.

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    State Of Arkansas Dmv

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    Dmv Arkansas

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    I called the DMV here in Arkansas who referred me to the state police. You have to be seizure free for 6 months and under a doctor's care.

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    Every state that I'm aware of has that law. You must go for a year without a seizure, in order to drive. I know you may think it stinks, but it is really for your safety and the safety of others.

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    My mother is an epilectic.

    You can drive if your doctor contacts the DMV,all the proper papers are filled and approved my the DMV.

    It can be a hassle keeping in touch with the DMV and your doctor(call regularly to see if you have done everything you have to do to get your license back).

    My mom had her license back within a few weeks.

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    God I hope not....I used to work for a company that had a delivery truck driver who hid the fact that he had epilepsy-well he had a seizure one day and drive his fully loaded truck into a car & killed a young mother and her two kids. DON'T DRIVE IF YOU ARE A DANGER TO OTHERS!!!

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    When I was in Arkansas, I seen enough to cause me to believe anyone can drive there! Just dont get caught.

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    Probably, but why would you want to? If you had a seizure, you could kill yourself or other innocent people.

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