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Which religious denominations (including different Protestant) have the most US presidents belonged to?

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    Im not big on copying and pasting but this is an interesting question,

    The most presidents were Episcopalian (11) followed closely by Presbyterian (10)

    1 George Washington - Episcopalian

    2 John Adams - Congregationalist (raised); Unitarian

    3 Thomas Jefferson - raised Episcopalian; later no specific denomination, held Christian, Deist, Unitarian beliefs

    4 James Madison - Episcopalian (deist?)

    5 James Monroe - Episcopalian (deist?)

    6 John Quincy Adams - Unitarian

    7 Andrew Jackson - Presbyterian

    8 Martin Van Buren - Dutch Reformed

    9 William Henry Harrison - Episcopalian

    10 John Tyler - Episcopalian (deist)

    11 James Knox Polk - Presbyterian; Methodist

    12 Zachary Taylor - Episcopalian

    13 Millard Fillmore - Unitarian

    14 Franklin Pierce - Episcopalian

    15 James Buchanan - Presbyterian

    16 Abraham Lincoln - raised Baptist; later no specific denomination (deist)

    17 Andrew Johnson - Christian (no specific denomination)

    18 Ulysses S Grant - Presbyterian; Methodist

    19 Rutherford B. Hayes - Presbyterian; Methodist (?)

    20 James A. Garfield - Disciples of Christ

    21 Chester A. Arthur - Episcopalian

    22 Grover Cleveland - Presbyterian

    23 Benjamin Harrison - Presbyterian

    24 Grover Cleveland - Presbyterian

    25 William McKinley - Methodist

    26 Theodore Roosevelt - Dutch Reformed; Episcopalian

    27 William Howard Taft - Unitarian

    28 Woodrow Wilson - Presbyterian

    29 Warren G. Harding - Baptist

    30 Calvin Coolidge - Congregationalist

    31 Herbert Hoover - Quaker

    32 Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Episcopalian

    33 Harry S. Truman Southern - Baptist

    34 Dwight D. Eisenhower - River Brethren; Jehovah's Witnesses; Presbyterian

    35 John F. Kennedy - Catholic

    36 Lyndon B. Johnson - Disciples of Christ

    37 Richard M. Nixon - Quaker

    38 Gerald Ford - Episcopalian

    39 Jimmy Carter - Baptist (former Southern Baptist)

    40 Ronald Reagan - Disciples of Christ; Presbyterian

    41 George H. W. Bush - Episcopalian

    42 William Jefferson Clinton - Baptist

    43 George W. Bush - Methodist - (former Episcopalian)

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    Thank you for that one

  • joe c
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    more importantly ,mostly masons,as were the framers,and signers of the d.o.i.

    Source(s): check it i can't make this stuff up and check out skull and bones society while your at it. i've got to go ther is a knock at th
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