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anybody else bored of waiting?

i know people say ull want them back up when there out, but is anybody else so bored with just waiting?

what can i do to occupy me?!?!

im 30 weeks.. and i think ill go in bwt 6 weeks..x

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    I am 3 days shy of 39 weeks, and I have been so bored of waiting since about 30 weeks. I have been working full-time, but even my desk job gets so darn boring. But I can tell you that time flies. Looking back on it now, I think "where did all the time go". But I want this last week or so to fly by so I can finally meet my daughter. Besides work, I have been reading books in the evening to occupy my time. I get so into reading that a couple hours goes by without me realizing it. I also have been trying to visit family as much as possible, and I've been trying to get my house in order before the baby arrives.

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    Why do you think you will go in 6 weeks???

    Im 37 weeks and 3 days and still NOTHING! My last son was born at 31 weeks so I had a good chance of going early and here I am 37 + with less dilation last night then I had two days before! Who knew that could happen.. Anyhow.. I suggest you just get used to it, cause technically you could have 10 weeks to go. At least you have Christmas coming so you can shop, visit family, decorate, make ornaments, and be christmasy. Cause really there is not much you can do to speed up the time. The way I see it, it at least my lil is still cooking. Thats good, no matter how uncomfortable I am. It does get boring and over exerting, even a bit annoying... But we just have to deal cause we will have healthy happy lil ones..

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    WELL HUN I know you must be bored I am only 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant according to my due date. This is my second pregnancy. I just cannot wait and I am ALREADY bored of waiting. With My daughter when I was about 32 weeks, I had to end up going on maternity leave. Well that boreded me to death so to pass up the time I took up quite a few hobbies. I trying sewing didnt like that to much. I tried decorating the babys room (that was really fun) I got tired and fed up wth reading magazines. So finally after trying all of that I was about 41 weeks pregnant and I was finally OVERDUE so they induced my Labor. Try some hobbies and maybe you will find one that will occupy you.

    Good Luck

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    good grief, i know what youre goin through! im going to be 31 weeks on tuesday, and i am SO bored. im not working right now (havent been for two weeks now) so i can only imagine the insane boredom ill be enduring for the next 9 1/2 weeks! the only things that ive been able to find to keep me occupied is christmas stuff, playing with our new puppy (who unfortunately sleeps alot) and surfing the internet...this week i have been feeling so tired (literally) that im taking naps alot more often, so that does help to pass the time...are there any friends or family members that you can spend more time with? i have a friend and a cousin that are also pregnant and due soon, so i try to spend a lot of time with them. how about reading? find a big book to read (or a bunch of smaller ones) and just read read read. as bad as it sounds, you actually get sick of reading baby books eventually...basically because they all say just about the same things...well, good luck! what are you having btw? im having a little girl! We've decided to call her Autumn, and i just cant wait to hold her. like i said though, good luck and congrats!

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    I am more uncomfortable than bored (but a bit of that too!) It gets worse!!! At this point I go into the nursery and check it and make sure my hospital bag is packed and that's about it :)

    I worked until last week so am just now feeling the bored bug! I hope you can find stuff to do in the meantime!! The days seem to drag on and on...

    I'm at 38 weeks and still waiting despite trying to go into natural labour. Congrats and good luck :)

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    Your just stuck in a rut right now and you will get out of it why not try taking up a hobby --- something thats completly different to your normal day to day life... I took up painting cause it was better than staring into space and as for the boys thing dont worry about that now there's plenty of time. Dont be bored just enjoy life many people never get the chance sorry if its dramatic

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    I'm only 23 weeks pregnant with my # 2 and I am tired of waiting. I enjoy the movements and things like that but I so can not wait to hold him....Just try going through the babies stuff and organizing might help keep your mind busy it might not.

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    I am 26 weeks and I cant wait to see what he looks like and I want to just have him already but I hear that before I know it he will be here and i will be wanting him back in we'll see

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    i haven't got the time to get bored.. I work almost all day long & i don't even have the nursery ready yet =S so i'm still very busy most of the time.. I think i have 5 more wks til i take my mat leave.. then i'll get it all done.. hopefully..

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    I am only 25 weeks and i am dying for this baby! I always have dreams that i have the baby... I can't wait... maybe because its my first but I CANT WAIT... i know how you feel!

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