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Herbal Hair Growth Inhibitor - Do you know a good guide to do this at home?

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    Here's a fabulous guide I myself use:

    It's a Japanese recipe to create a hair inhibitor lotion at home. Plus it's also got information on how to protect your skin and enhance its tone.

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    not sure exactly what you are talking about, but i know alot of GREAT natural hair growth remedys. I take biotin and a super b complex vitamin. Also jojoba oil, avacado oil, coconut oil on your hair atleast once a week overnight then shamp and cond it the morn will help softness in hair. you have to grow hair from the inside out.Also scalp massages help overall bloodflow to your scalp. i also like the henna and placenta hiar packets. they work amazing!!!

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    Hi, here is a good site on hair removal, you may find useful.

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