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Grandma pregnant?

Ive just found out Im pregnant with my third baby at 40 from my partner of one year! We're both really happy, but Im really scared of what my two kids will think and say and how they're going to react.

My girls are 23 and 21, and my youngest has a two year old daughter, which means that I'm a grandma, and I don't know how everyone will take me having another baby.

I don't know what to do? Should I have this baby even though Im already a grandma? What about the complications?

How do you think my girls will react?

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    There's nothing wrong from being pregnant at age of 40..And I think your daughters will understand you.But I think that kind of pregnancy is called "high risk pregnancy".

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    Well, first of all CONGRATS!!! I'll bet you are very happy (and nervous). I would probably be a little shocked if I found out my mom was pregnant. You should have this baby if you want to. It doesn't matter if you are a grandma or not. I know a lady that had a baby at 42 and she is so happy (her little girl is already 5). But she was also scared the baby would have down syndrome. If you are willing to live with the fact that your child could have those types of prohlems, then you should be fine. Tell your daughters when you feel it's right and good luck to you!

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    Older woman have babies with no complications all the time. You just need to take real good care of yourself. My grandma did the same thing. I have an aunt that is younger than me. No one in my family thinks a thing about it. I think you should be happy for yourself if this is what you both want. People will always find something to talk about so do not even worry about what other people say about you. As for your daughters they should be happy for you. I am sure it will be a shock at first but then I believe they will be excited. Babies always bring so much joy to a family. I wish you the best.

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    THis is about you hun!

    I am 20 years old. 14 weeks pregnant with my first.

    My mum I just found out is 7 weeks pregnant - and she is 40. Been with her partner for a year

    There is a higher risk like down sydrome - but you can get a test to check this at 10 weeks.

    Do what will make you happy and Im sure your girls with support you - I know quite a few people with mothers and daughters having kids around same age.

    There isnt that tabboo there anymore since women are waiting til they are older to have kids now. Some 45. So I wouldnt worry too muhc.

    Discuss the complications with your doctor and make your decision by that, and with your partner

    Im sure your girls with support you :)

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    my little sister and my son are 5 years apart and are the two closest things you would ever see. She is 21 and my son is 16. She actually is currently sharing a room with my eldest daughter who is almost 15.

    your new child and your grandchild will be the best of friends.

    However, I understand the awkward feelings you are having but I can tell you that I enjoyed having my little sister in my life and thought nothing of my mom having another baby some 16 years after the nearest sibling (also 2nd marriage).

    Talk to your daughters and get their feelings. Approach is that you are thinking of having a baby with this new man in your life and get their thoughts.

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the result. When they have voiced their opinions you can then choose to share your news with them.

    as for being 40, 40 is the new 30 ;)

    I believe my mom was 42 when she had my baby sister (maybe a bit older).

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    you are a younge grandma at 40. I work in a childcare centre and there are mums there who are in their 40's. one of the mothers just had her second baby at 39 years old. Her first is not 2 years old yet. I think that your daughters will be delighted to be having a baby brother or sister - they might be a bit shocked at first but they'll get used to it. Your'e not that old! Your grand children will have an uncle or aunty their own age to play with which they will find amusing later when they are at school! I have an aunty who is the same age as my oldest brother. If you want to have this baby, it sholdn't matter what others think, its about how you and your partner feel. Best wishes! hope everything works out for the best!

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    I think it would be great if you have this baby. Your girls may be shocked at first but they will get over it. Even though you are a grandmother you are a very young one and lots of people have babies in their 40's a friend of mine her mother has a a baby a few months after she had her little boy so her mum was just like you a pregnant grandmother and she loves having a little brother the same age as her son. I wish you the best of luck.

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    There's nothing more special about the gift of life than bringing family together. Your grand daughter may give a little chuckle that your daughter is younger than her but it isn't a first.

    There is a couple more tests done for some women over 35 during pregnancy but it is done to check certain things that can develop or change the development of the baby. Sometimes women are more at risk of getting certain things but that doesn't mean it will happen.

    My 9 month daughter's best friend is 7.5 months and his parents are 39 and 41. Cute as a button and nothing wrong with him, only the mum needed a c section as he got stuck half way but so did i and i was 22 at time of her birth (my pelvis is wrong shape.)

    Goodluck and best wishes.

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    When I was pregnant for the first time, I went to relaxation classes with a friend from school, and her mother. All three pregnant together.

    The friend said after that it was great - they both had built-in baby sitters without going outside the family.

    My Mum was 40 when I was born (her first - back in 1938!).

    If you look back at your Family Tree, you will see that it was a perfectly normal occurence for a woman to be having children when she was a grandmother.

    You'll probably do a really good job as an older Mum - you know what it's all about now. Congratulations!

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    Congrats.....this isnt very bad news not for anyone!!!!......your daughter has a 2 year stood by her when she needed you so she cant really say anything to you now can she and at the end of the day you are the parent here not them you dont have to explain yourself!! they will be getting another wee brother or sister and they should be happy about that!!!! talk to them but make them see that no matter what the decision is yours...dont be letting them think they can tell you what to do!!!!!

    Your daughters may suprise you....the sooner you talk to them the better!! i hope all goes well for you....

    Source(s): 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow with baby #1!!!
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    If you're both happy with the pregnancy and there is no risk to your health it would be incredibly selfish for you to not have the child based on what other people think. If however you feel this would affect how you would raise said child, or you feel you may be too old and not have enough energy or whatever then you may either want to reconsider or put the child up for adoption. There's little worse than being raised in a home where parents are unfit (physically as well as mentally).

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