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題目:Suppose you are going to introduce the company you work for and present its information to the audience. you may talk about :

1. the features of the company e.g. location, environment, facilities, people etc.

2. why you like it(the company)

請各位英文達人幫幫手, 要2-3 mins present, job(company) 可以由各位自己作, 下星期要交, 要麻煩各位喇~~

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    Stereotypes are considered to be a group concept, held by one social group about another. They are often used in a negative or prejudicial sense and are frequently used to justify certain discriminatory behaviours. More benignly, they may express sometimes-accurate folk wisdom about social reality.

    Often a stereotype is a negative caricature or inversion of some positive characteristic possessed by members of a group, exaggerated to the point where it becomes repulsive or ridiculous.

    Stereotype production is based on:


    Exaggeration or distortion


    Presentation of cultural attributes as being 'natural'.

    Stereotypes are seen by many as undesirable beliefs which can be changed through education and/or familiarization. However, stereotypes need not be confined to negative characterizations about individuals or groups, and can thus have positive characterizations.

    There are also genuinely positive stereotypes about groups. Some groups have, as a deliberate political strategy, tried to evolve new genuine positive stereotypes for themselves.

    Stereotypes of groups by other groups

    Common stereotypes include a variety of allegations about groups based around: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, or religious belief; also profession and social class (see social stereotype).

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    I am currently working at A & D Commercial Bank. It is located in Central, Hong Kong . My position is Commercial Lender. My customers are usually open up a new business and need the financial support from the bank.

    Our bank is not a big bank like HSBC. But I like to work here because everyone who works in this company is like a big family. We will help each other when we facing problems. All departments have a very good team work.

    We like celebrate holiday during lunch hour. I remember when we were working during Christmas Eve; my team leader bought us a whole turkey for our lunch. The environment and the people make me feel really warm.

    Source(s): Me.....I am not sure is it enough, please read it slow
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