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Why do you think so many people get offended by nudity in this culture?

A small part of JJ's breast is shown during the Super Bowl. The next day its all the public talks about for the next two weeks(even making CBS apologize for the incidence as if it has severely traumatized America forever). A lot of times if an employee decides to change at my job in front of other workers. Everyone pulls out the "Oook.." like its the most disgusting thing they've ever seen. However, go to the swimming pool, where guys are in Speedos, swim trunks, girls in bikini's(the same as a bra and undies only water.. repellent?)and its totally fine. Girls get totally grossed out when another girl walks nude in the locker room(This happened a couple times after gym class). One girl accidentally saw part of another girl's vagina under a towel, and 3/4 of the girls avoided this (unaware) girl like the plague. I used to use a public shower in Europe with strangers/ friends. Nudity never seemed a problem and neither was shame. I got here and everything changed. So why in America?


Or maybe why are we so repulsed by sexuality but then exploit it at the same time?

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    all has its reason. Nudity began to be acceptable to whom appreciate art. I

    At the same time, people take advantages for their sexual pleasure. It is how it is related to porn magazine.

    Nudity is not sinful...but people reaction toward nudity is sinful.

    There is a lot of sexual questions related... A simple nudity seem to you innocently nothing. .... It depends on the culture and the person intention behavior.

    In japan, man and woman take shower all together. Will you taken shower with you dad if you are 20yr old? No problem w/ nudity.

    Hm... I got to say this, people are very ignoraant about religoin history and blame everything on it.....

    Adam and Eve were always naked. They realized they were naked when they became sinful.

    The importance it is the respect you have for other and yourselves.

    It was just yesterday. I saw a women feeding her baby, she just lifted her shirt and began feeding the baby. .. It is acceptable, but not appropriate having all those men vulturing on the scene.

    By the way, how old are you?

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    Usually the ones that complain the most do not have that perfect body and they are jealous of those who have such hot bodies. Others have a problem with it because of religious convictions. But everyone gets naked from time to time. Another thing too. Why do women walk on the beach covering only their crack, but would just die if a guy sees them in their underwear which covers up so much more?

    Their answer? Because it's in style. What Bull S___t !

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    I'm not sure what the problem with nudity in "real" life is...people obviously don't have a problem with it on tv and such. And proof of that is that is that it is seen more and more every year on tv.

    Sounds like some people try to be all high and mighty in public, but then they go home and watch tv and it's all normal. I don't get it.

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    Because people in the states consider it dirty.

    The the states are so far behind in culture ,that they have tried to change the rest of the world.

    We think of the Eur open countries backward,.

    THE great painters that painted the bare figure.were in Europe,the modern painters in the US,was condemned as vulgar and lack of taste

    There is nothing as lovely as a nude women.

    Source(s): When i worked maintance for MC DONALDS,the kids undressed in front of each other to put on uniforms,as there wasen't a dressing room.and the manager got fired. Oh well just a nother day.
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    I'm in Australia and I remember the super bowl... apparently they got thousands of complaints... we saw it on the news and it was not that bad (It wasn't even slightly offensive)... who hasn't seen it... plus JT then avoided all the controversy afterwards to save his own butt! That was sad to see...

    I worked in a gym and saw naked women (and men... lol) all the time and I honestly got so use to it I sometimes didn't notice.

    I have noticed Women are the worst and can be so judgemental which is sad... we should all embrace our womanliness and appreciate who we are!

    (Though speedos are pretty gross... budgie smugglers!)

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    you are right and the fact we are so uptight about it is the worst. hey i live in san diego and we have a nude beach, but it is always involed in alot to stupid stuff, just let us enjoy the beach and ourselves, life is too short. i also wear speedos to the regular beach and the way some people react is so stupid. hey i have a good body, if you dont like it dont look.

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    People i think are uptight whenever someone is more comfortable with their sexuality than they are so they resort to childish name calling and say that nudity is immoral or a sin.

    Also in US we were founded by puritans and quakers so i think some of it is residual feelings about that.

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    Simply a case of projection. They are actually repulsed at the thought of their own nudity.

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    I think Americans are prudish and not as comfortable in their own skin. It's silly. I agree, when I traveled I enjoyed this aspect of some European cultures.

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    If we could all be airbrushed like in the magazines, then nudity wouldn't be a problem. lol

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