Kid Nation?

Does anyone watch Kid Nation and would you let your kids be on a show like that?

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    We do watch Kid Nation. My son was the one that wanted to watch it when it first started. He had just had limb-lengthening surgery and he was all excited about watching what he thought was going to be Survivor for kids.....we turned it on the first night and I will admit to being VERY skeptical about it. But its turned into my favorite show.

    I think its great that these kids, are taken out of their comfort zones and have to work and do things to really take care of themselves.

    Sophia and Laurel are my two favorites...I want to like Greg but there is just something about that kid that really bugs me.

    My son said he would love to be on the show, that he would love to carry water and do the dishes....which shocked me LOL...but then I have to keep in mind, with this surgery he had, right now he would love to be able to do anything physical.....

    I know they say there are no adults, just the kids...but I'm pretty sure they have medical staff and psychologists tend to the kids needs..Alot of the kids have had scabs and such around their mouths, because of the wind and in the close quarters I'm sure there have been kids who have gotten sick and that sickness would spread pretty quickly throughout Bonzana City....

    To answer your question LOL if my son was a little bit older, I would give it some serious consideration....he is 11....

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    I would totally let my kid/kids audition to be on Kid Nation. The things those kids go through over a 40 day period will definitely benefit them in the long run. Learning how to interact in a society that has no adult supervision really forces these kids to step out of their comfort zones and quite a few of them have really shown character and heart.... I remember on the first epsiode, when Jimmy (I believe that's his name) decided he'd be better suited back at home, and was literally on the verge of breaking down, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the little guy..... but over the course of this season, I've seen much growth and maturity from several of those kids.... great show and I hope they continue to make it.

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    I am 15 and I watch it and am trying out for third season. My family all loves it: i have lots of siblings and two familes and everyone watches it together on both sides. Even the five and four year olds like it, and so does my 17 year old brother. Both my parents and my step-parents are ok with us being on it and my five year old sister, Mikayla, wants to audition when she's old enough.

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    I watch it every week, It is one of my favorites, It is amazing how much drama there is among these kids, I'm 19 and it is embarrasing but it really sucks you in!

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  • kp
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    i love that show. that girl sophi when she said i fell like a 30 year old in a 14 year old body she was so right. hope they do another show

  • 1 decade ago

    um yea it would be a good experience but a long time from home if they wanted to sure

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