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What was the name of the song about the Attica riot? I think it was by Joni Mitchell in about '71 or '72.

I used to have the album and watching a recent documentary on the prison riot sparked my memory. It was a powerful song preformed in the first person.

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    Yahoo search: attica riot song

    The incident is directly referenced in at least two songs: John Lennon's "Attica State" on his Some Time In New York City album, and Tom Paxton's "The Hostage," which was included by Judy Collins on her 1973 album True Stories and Other Dreams. The Attica riots were also said to have inspired both the 10cc song "Rubber Bullets" and the Charles Mingus composition "Remember Rockefeller at Attica."

    The 1972 album Attica Blues by jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp and its title track are a direct reference to the incident.

    Composer Frederic Rzewski wrote two pieces, "Coming Together"/"Attica" (1972), that set excerpts from a letter by Sam Melville, one of the prisoners killed in the riots.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, as noted; found via Yahoo search.
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    Attica Prison Riot Video

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